Nelson Township supervisors heard complaints about road conditions in the township from residents who live on Baxter Lake Road.

A resident reported that the road work has changed the contour of the roadway away from the ditch and is causing water to flow onto his property. Supervisors David Fritz said that some of the driveways in the area are adding to the problem causing water to flow into the roadway. Additionally, some of the drainage pipes in the area are full of sediment.

The township will attempt to correct the problem. The township has applied for Dirt and Gravel Road Project funding to address this issue, but the project was not funded. The Dirt and Gravel Road project could provide funds for major improvements.

Dust control was also discussed. The township is unable to use salt brine due to new regulations with the state Department of Environmental Resources. The option available to the township is to apply special oil in areas of 100-125 feet in front of the houses along the roads in the township.

A second water meter is being considered for the community building. The municipal authority will be asked to install a second unit in the building. The water bill is showing an excessive usage and supervisors believe a second meter may help determine where the water usage is located either in the community building or the fire department.

While discussing the hazard mitigation program of the county, the supervisors agreed to add four areas of the township that are dealing with landslides. Those areas are on Thornbottom, Barney Hill Road, River Street and State Route 49. If the project is approved through the Hazard Mitigation Plan of Tioga County, the funds would come from the Federal Emergency Management Association

Nelson Township Supervisors will meet at 6 p.m. Aug. 9.

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