The Nelson Township supervisors will meet Nov. 22 to develop the 2022 budget, after which they will adopt the proposed budget. The budget will be advertised and available for review for 10 days before final adoption at the Dec. 13 meeting.

Supervisors discussed the road conditions in the township. One taxpayer wants improvements to Marsh Creek Road and was told there are multiple issues. David Fritz said the repairs are going to cost money. The township currently has one worker making it difficult to clean ditches. Suggestions were made concerning tax increases to assist with the funds for repairs.

Currently an application for Dirt and Gravel Road funds has been made to improve the Baxter Lake Road. Barney Hill Road had some improvements made. On another road, a 10-ton limit has been set however haulers carrying excessive weight on the roadway. Those haulers will be notified of the violation.

Supervisors discussed the dumpster currently used by the township. The Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority proposed a price increase to $70 per month. A smaller dumpster will be considered and as will reverting to bags with stickers. The local post office also uses the dumpster.

Supervisors agreed to pay the $41.39 solvency fee in regard to future unemployment claims. The coverage protects the township from future claims when a former employ leaves a job and comes back to the township for benefits.

Supervisors reported that there is no available documentation to verify Roy Mack’s claim that his driveway is a township road. After reviewing township maps and communicating with other officials, the supervisors have determined that the driveway was never brought up to state standards nor taken over by either Elkland Township or Nelson Township.

Roy Mack was formerly a resident of Elkland Township, which was absorbed by Nelson Township.

Supervisors will meet at 6 p.m. Dec. 13.

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