SABINSVILLE — One Christmas tree is not enough for Sabinsville resident Sandy Osgood to show her Christmas spirit. Instead, she has 32 trees, and counting, to show her enthusiasm for the holidays.

“I don’t drink or smoke, nor do I spend time at the casino. My thing is holidays and I enjoy decorating for each one,” said Osgood.

Osgood says the idea of decorating so thoroughly came to her after having to split up holidays with her grown children. She has four children and 12 grandchildren.

“I might see one child for Thanksgiving but not for Christmas, so we would do Christmas for that child on Thanksgiving and vice versa.”

Because of this, Osgood says she has all her trees up by Thanksgiving day, that way she isn’t worried about decorating for Christmas when she should be focused on making Thanksgiving dinner and spending time with family.

“It takes me about 11 days,” Osgood said, “I start right after Halloween, and, of course, I have trees up for that holiday, too.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Osgood has trees up for every holiday out of the year, including but not limited to: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

“We also started putting up more than one tree not only because I couldn’t decide what or how to decorate, but because we were unsure of what room we would do our Christmas festivities in, so we decided to make every room festive.”

She says her favorite time of year is fall and winter, from about the beginning of October until the end of December.

“Christmas is my favorite holiday, hands down, but I love the fall season as well, so I decorate for the harvest.”

Each tree she sets up has its own special meaning, whether it’s themed for one of her children or grandchildren or if it’s just something she may like. Her favorite tree is an antique doll one, which sits between her living room and kitchen and has a pink-color to it.

Her granddaughter used to love Hello Kitty, so she bought her a tree and made or bought Hello Kitty ornaments for it.

“At one point it was almost a joke between my family and myself,” she said, “They bought me a tree one year for Christmas because they knew I loved them and would use it.”

In her three-bedroom home, each room shares space with a tree, including both of the bathrooms. Her bedroom, which is yellow-themed, has a sunflower tree in front of the window.

Some of the other themes for the trees include elves, candy, a snowman and much more. She even has a tree dedicated to the big guy himself, Santa Claus.

Not only does she decorate inside, but with the help of her husband, Ray, she decorates outside as well. Every night, her lawn is lit up holiday-themed, just how she likes it.

“We decorate like this for Halloween too, and the neighborhood children love to take their photos with the decorations.

Breaking the bank isn’t a problem for Osgood, she buys all of her decorations when they go on sale. She says she loves getting the after-Christmas sales because everything is so cheap.

So, next time you’re in Sabinsville, check out Locust Street and see what Osgood has on display. Chances are, she put a lot of time and effort into making her own winter wonderland.