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The charges for the alleged murder of 19-year-old male Joshua Ramos, of Galeton, have shaken the community and the question still remains: why would someone do this?

Three Galeton residents, Felicia K. Cary, 33, Krysten L. Crosby, 20, and Kyle M. N. Moore, 28, are charged with killing Ramos and leaving his body in a wooded area in Harrison Township in April.

An unidentified witness came to police with information on the alleged murder nearly three months later. According to police, this person watched as Cary, Crosby and Moore repeatedly struck Ramos and humiliated him.

The witness, according to the affidavit, video recorded the group torturing Ramos after they refused to listen to him when he allegedly told the group to stop.

This individual also drove the group and Ramos to a remote, wooded area where Cary, Crosby and Moore allegedly killed and left Ramos.

Andy Watson, Potter County district attorney, said that the witness felt guilty about the murder and not coming forward.

“The individual was filled with guilt as far as knowing about it and not coming forward,” Watson said. “It is my understanding that is why the individual came forward, it was eating at him, so to speak.”

This individual also drove the group and Ramos to a location in Ole Bull State Park where Crosby, Cary and Moore allegedly attempted to push Ramos up a hill and down an embankment. He later drove them all to a remote, wooded area in Harrison Township where Crosby, Cary and Moore allegedly choked and left Ramos, according to the affidavit. While driving to this location, he was pulled over by a Westfield Borough police officer, whose name was redacted in the affidavit, for a loud exhaust violation. Ramos was in the back of the vehicle, covered with a blanket, the affidavit stated.

Watson said he couldn’t speak for the officer or on what the officer did or didn’t see, but said unless an officer has a reasonable suspicion or probable cause, they can’t get inside the car. Watson said since the victim was covered with a blanket, he would not have been visible to the officer. Watson did not know what the exchange was between the driver and the officer.

Watson could not comment on whether or not this anonymous witness would face charges relative to the alleged murder.

Ramos was originally from the Atlantic City, N.J. area, Watson said, and he thinks some of the co-defendants went to pick Ramos and his girlfriend, Crosby, up sometime in March, and brought them to Galeton. According to the affidavit, they were all living in the same Galeton residence together. Watson also confirmed that Moore and Cary were in a relationship at the time.

Watson said he does know of a motive as to why Moore, Cary and Crosby wanted to kill Ramos, but he couldn’t comment on it at this time.

To Watson’s knowledge, there is no evidence that Ramos was listed as a missing person or that there were family members looking for him between March and July.

This type of crime is very uncommon in this area, as most of the cases they work on are drug related, Watson said.

“The most important thing for the community to know are two things,” Watson said. “One, the state police have done a very thorough and complete investigation, and I want to publicly recognize them for all of their hard work. And two, I can assure the public that the main actors in the murder are in custody and there is no ongoing danger for the community.”

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