Cowanesque Valley High School needs roof repairs and/or replacement, but will be challenged to do so this year because of challenges from funds lost.

That was the word from the Northern Tioga School District board of directors at the Aug. 24 meeting. The district has had to pay tuition for students enrolling in cyber charter schools and new systems users on the district’s online academy. Directors are concerned whether enough funds will be available to make the repairs needed.

Board members said that 44 students enrolled in charter schools and 19 students, as of the meeting, will use the online classes through the Northern Tioga School District Academy. There is an additional cost for students not using in-class options. This year, the district will spend $65,000 for virtual learning. The board questioned what will happen if, or when, state funding is lost.

The discussion waffled between waiting or get the roof work completed. Some directors thought the roof work is a necessity and cannot be something pushed back because cost may rise. Right now, interest rates are low and it could be a good time to get the work done, said directors, as the cost may be around $1 million.

That figure raised concerns as to where the district will get the money and what the 2021-22 budget will look like. Board members debated whether schools will receive additional state and federal funding. To date, no extra money has been sent, and it is unknown what will happen in the future.

One board member suggested the district take things day by day and figure it out as time moves forward.