Northern Tioga School District principals from elementary and high schools presented the first students of the month for the 2020-2021 year at the Oct. 12 board meeting.

Matthew Sottolano, principal at Cowanesque Valley High School in Westfield, said Carter Ackley is the student of the month for high school and Madisyn Sawyer for the middle school. Kristopher Kaufman, principal of Williamson High School at Tioga Junction, announced senior Owen Gontarz as the high school student and Lily Hess for middle school.

Jess Millard, principal of Clark Wood Elementary School in Westfield, presented third grade student Tyler Sereno. Christina Fry, principal of RB Walter Elementary at Tioga Junction, recognized Randall Stanley, sixth grade. Cheryl Sottolano, principal of Westfield Area Elementary School, announced Sophia Bernstein, sixth grade, is the recipent.

“I extend our congratulations to the students. We thank the parents and family members for supporting the students in the school,” Diana Barnes, Superintendent of NTSD said.

During the superintendent’s report, Barnes introduced Judy Quick, the food service director. Quick said that the USDA issued an extension on Friday for the summer meal program until June 2021. Since Oct. 9, the program has been able to serve 958 breakfasts and 1,223 lunches district wide. Barnes said she was appreciative for the work.

“Free meals have made a great impact on our district, children and on our cafeteria staff. They have done a tremendous job. They have had many challenges, but they have stepped up to the plate,” Quick said.

In addition to the food service update, the board reviewed school to work opportunities. Carrie Bradley, school to work coordinator, talked with the high school principals about students who are seeking job training. The coordinator is helping secure opportunities for students to complete a 10-hour OSHA course that can give them a certificate when they graduate.

The school to work plan could provide one possible pathway to a diploma. The principals discussed that it could be incorporated in the block schedule so it may help the students find the time to work on the course independently. The course is online so there are different ways to approach it.

“People could be successful with it as long as they have focus and motivation. The more opportunity we provide, the better shot we have to getting a certification credential in their hand,” Kaufman said.