Veterinarian showed compassion

The veterinarian oath reads in part: “I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, and the conservation of animal resources.”

My friend had a small dog that needed emergency help (not for a sore foot or tick bite, but a real emergency). He tried calling his vet who advertised emergency help until 8 p.m. He called at 7:30 p.m. and had to leave a message, which he did. No one called him back. He tried a Wellsboro vet who told him that since he was not a client, they could not help his dog. Did it every occur to them that if he got help, he might become a client or tell his friends that they were good?

Then my friend called Troy. They said the same thing: he wasn’t a client. Troy recommended Cornell or Watsontown. Kudos to Watsontown. My friend took his small dog to Watsontown at 1 a.m. The vet there handled my friend’s dog with concern and dignity. The smalldog was put down and my friend drove home with his friend beside him. Thanks Watsontown.

Marylou Witherow


Violence is not the answer

Most of the violence is being committed by young people and those who want something for nothing (not earning it).

Where were the parents when these violent young people were growing up? It appears as if they were never taught respect. That is not to say the young should not have an opinion. Most of us speak our minds but seldom, if ever, show such disregard for someone else’s opinion. It’s called having manners.

Of course, my fear is that those causing the violence desire that the United States of America not have a Constitution or for the citizens be free to choose. We the citizens must never allow this to happen. There are many throughout the world who wish to take over the most free nation in the world and guarantee that the citizens never have a voice or to vote.

As a senior citizen at the young age of 80, I fear for my nieces and nephew. What will this nation be like in 10 to 20 years? Will they have the same freedoms? We must never turn this nation over to a dictator who wishes to rule us with an iron fist.

May God help the USA and keep us safe and free for ever.

Ida Temple


Who are the losers and suckers?

Regardless if you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent or other, since Trump lied to you over 20,000 times in less than four years, why would you believe anything he says? Can you trust what he claims regarding the second amendment, religion, abortion, economics or anything else? When he denies not making disparaging remarks about military veterans who died for our country by calling them losers and suckers, despite confirmation by his supporters at Fox News, do you believe him? Perhaps the real suckers and losers are those who continue to trust and support Trump.

Ron Kamzelski


Having tunnel vision and being sanctimonious

Let me assure you, Mr. Tutak, that my vision is just fine. Yours is questionable, however, since you cannot see the hypocrisy of your response. You call me sanctimonious and having tunnel vision and then you spend the rest of your article being exactly the same. Beware of people who live in glass houses.

First of all, although Melania Trump lives in the White House, she is not running for public office. Secondly, you brought up Kamala Harris who may be our President sooner rather than later and may occupy that magnificent building.

Her long-term affair with married Willie Brown for political gain does not seem to bother you. Her tenure as San Francisco’s attorney general failed to prosecute any of the sexual abuse claims brought against pedophile priests while receiving unprecedented donations from high level officials in the Catholic church.

Those actions bother me. And Donald Trump is no angel, but as far as I know his extramarital affairs did not involve underage women.

My goal was not to insult you or attack you personally. I don’t even know you. My goal was to express my opinion since that is what the “Letter to the Editor” forum is for.

I am allowed to have tunnel vision and be sanctimonious. Newspapers and reporters do it all the time.

The First Amendment assures us the freedom of expression and no requirement for being “even-handed.” One may disagree with me but should at least respect my right to an opinion without name calling or censorship or violence.

At the end of your response you brought out the big guns and quoted the Bible, the most sanctimonious act of all. Well, right back at you, Mr. Tutak. John 8:7, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I wish you well, sir.

Kristine Reilly


Bravery is listening to others, believing in self

It was nice to read articles about so many Americans exercising their right to peacefully assemble in last week’s Gazette. Supporting everyone from M.U. students of color to first responders tells me that, when it comes down to it, we all want and need to be respected and appreciated.

Unless I am mistaken, these gatherings even took place without the need for any armed local militia keeping watch so things didn’t get out of hand as happened awhile back in Wellsboro when 150 people, including children, held a silent eight minute candlelight vigil on the Green. Expressing views without fear or being feared is a wonderful thing as demonstrated by these marches right here in Tioga County.

But fear can take hold, even in the “home of the brave” if we let it. Americans can easily begin to fear other Americans because they might look or think differently. They might worship differently or not at all. They might belong to a different political party.

Bravery, on the other hand, combats fear. Bravery is listening and trying to understand the other guy, really listening. Bravery is standing up for what we think is right when all of our friends and relatives are doing something else.

Let’s not be afraid. Let’s not listen to anyone who tries to scare us. Above all, let’s not believe anyone who says that they are the only one who can keep us safe and protect our way of life. Americans are better, smarter and braver than that.

Bob Borzok