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Writer confused about fatal OD investigations

I have learned a lot about Tioga County and how victims of a fatal drug poisoning (aka overdose) investigations are carried out.

To be honest, I was shocked to learn that municipal police (patrol officers) are investigating these death cases if the death occurs within their jurisdiction. This includes the boroughs of Wellsboro, Mansfield, Tioga, Blossburg and Westfield.

I would like to know what are the duties of our county detectives? Where do they fall within the scheme of death investigations? What exactly are their duties?

It seems to me that our municipal police should not be required or weighed down to perform these types of investigations on top of their other duties. When a death occurs within the state police jurisdiction, they have experienced detectives to work the case.

None of this makes the first bit of sense to me. What do our county detectives investigate?

Cynthia Compton


Take heed from decline of Chile

After graduate school, I was employed by Citibank. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, I audited Citibank branches in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. During that time, there was rampant inflation and considerable unrest with military uprisings in Chile and Argentina.

Finally, in the 1970s, Chile initiated a very bold array of free market economic reforms. The government recruited a group of Chilean economists, most of whom were educated at the Department of Economics of the University of Chicago, or at its affiliate in the economics department at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. The economists revamped the Chilean economic system with a low flat tax, industry deregulation, property rights and privatization of the Social Security system.

The Heritage Foundation credited them with transforming Chile into Latin America’s best performing economy and one of the world’s most business-friendly countries. A prominent economist wrote that Chile now has political freedom, human freedom and economic freedom.

The revamped Chilean economic system worked better than anyone could have envisioned. According to a study by the Cato Institute: “Between 1975 and 2015 per capita income in Chile quadrupled to $23,000, the highest rate in Latin America. As a result, from the early 1980s to 2014 poverty fell from 45% to 8%.” Chile became one of the wealthiest nations in South America.

The Marxists and intellectual class of Latin America detested the free market reforms. They denigrated the Chilean economists as “fascists.” They spent decades maliciously attacking the flourishing Chilean economic system.

The Marxists claim that capitalism is evil. They infiltrated all of Chile’s cultural institutions: the media, the schools, the universities, the Catholic Church, the arts and the unions. They spread their malicious dogma of collectivism to the masses.

In 2013, the leftists orchestrated a political triumph, they acquired the Chilean presidency. The free-market reforms were methodically replaced with “spread the wealth” philosophies. In October 2020, the electorate voted to revise the Constitution, and now property rights and the rule of law are in danger.

Chile is now in economic decline. The poor are getting devastated. The rich are taking their money out of the country. Yes, they have arrived at “equality”: Practically everybody is suffering.

If this sounds familiar take heed, this is what is occurring in America now under the Biden administration.

Edwin Gillmore


National Debt problem owned by everyone

Edwin Gilmore’s recent letter concerning the ballooning National Debt was very enlightening, correct and informative. Our children and grandchildren etc. are going to have to deal with an enormous problem for our country.

However, to blame it all on the recent Democratic efforts to avoid an even greater catastrophe is disingenuous. Of the $28 trillion he referenced, the majority can be attributed to the past Republican administrations. The last four years alone increased the National Debt by $5 trillion through tax cuts for corporations and the top 1% of wealth holders in the US and the needed COVID recovery actions.

Most economist agree that the Trump tax cuts will never offset the revenue lost to reduce the National Debt. The $3 trillion Trump stimulus money like the current administration efforts were required to get the economy back on track, regardless if it went directly to COVID medical relief, individual tax payers or some struggling business owner.

The National Debt is an United States problem, not a Republican or Democratic Party problem. Until people stop bickering and gutter sniping, we are doomed as a nation. Individuals seem to be more concerned about party philosophies than what is best for the United States.

Ron Kamzelski


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