After a historic season for the Wellsboro Hornets soccer team where they claimed their first ever Northern Tier League Championship as well as finishing undefeated, senior standout Will Poirier has been seeing the accolades roll in for his role on the best team in the NTL.

“Initially upon being selected, I was a little bit shocked,” Poirier said of being selected to the All-State team. “I am very grateful to be selected alongside a handful of other players who are among the most elite in Pennsylvania. This accomplishment has been a goal of mine since I was a freshman. So, the grind everyday to become better paid off when I was rewarded this recognition.”

When talking to coaches or other players, the hard work Poirier put in not only during the season, but also during the offseason to be the best player he can be is something that is talked about often.

Poirier racked up an incredible 24 goals (second best in District Four) and 29 assists (best in District Four) in just 12 games for the Hornets in 2020.

His hard-work and determination were rewarded with a slew of accolades which include being named the NTL-MVP and also being named to the All-State Team, both of which are incredible accomplishments for any player at the high school level.

Being named MVP and All-State feels amazing,” Poirier said. “After working everyday both on and off the field for my last three years of high school to prepare for this season, being awarded with these recognitions just shows that all the work I have done paid off.”

The work ethic of Poirier was evident when looking at his growth each season as a Hornet soccer player. He improved on his numbers like clock-work, and racked up a series of impressive accomplishments while donning the green and white.

Poirier is one of only six players to reach the 50 goal plateau for Wellsboro, as well as the only player to finish with over 50 goals and 50 assists in a career.

He sits atop the list for assists in a career with 84, and finished his time in Wellsboro with 57 goals.

He is also one of only six players for Wellsboro named to an All-State team and has been the cornerstone for one of the most successful soccer programs in the entire region.

But it didn’t come without adversity.

Heading into the 2020 soccer season, no one had an idea on if or how the season would be played, but luckily for Poirier he got the opportunity to compete which in turn put him in a position to achieve all he has this season.

“Being able to have my senior season was something I was unsure about all summer,” Poirier said. ”Preparing for this season did not start in the first week of preseason. We began preparing for this when we played with each other back in sixth grade, and our chemistry became apparent back then. We knew exaclty where eachother was on the field and always supported each other. So, being able to get the season in with the boys I have played with my whole life, was nothing short of amazing. We wanted to prove something, and that is exactly what we did.”

Though the individual accolades are nice, Wellsboro was blessed with a unit that has known each other for years, and also a coaching staff that is known for helping develop their plays. Poirier pointed to their guidance and support for much of his success in his career as a Hornet.

“First I would like to thank coaches John Shaffer, Todd Fitch and Rob Eaton,” Poirier said. “These three coaches have not only pushed me to be the best player I could be, but they have taught me to be a leader on the team and take control of the games. Next, I would like to thank my parents who never complained about driving me to practice, tournaments and games day after day. Finally, I would like to thank my teammates who throughout my high school career supported me and challenged me every day to make me a better player.”

Looking back at his career, Poirier has been part of some great teams, and pointed to his time as a freshman winning the District Title and then to his senior season winning the NTL and sweeping their nemesis Athens Wildcats as another one of his top memories from his Wellsboro career.

“My favorite career accomplishments are winning the district title my freshman year, and then winning the NTL Title this year,” Poirier said.

“Being able to be successful with my team is the most important thing and those will be memories I never forget. However, the most impressive achievement to me is being able to record 84 career assists. Being able to record 50 assists is mind blowing to many people. To me, this is most impressive because it shows how well I was able to set up my teammates near the goal. Reaching the 50 career assists milestone is something I would have never been able to do without the help of my team to capitalize on shots.”

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