TIOGA — A request from police for additional funding and public concerns over storm drains and crosswalks were the major topics discussed at the Tioga borough council meeting on Sept. 8.

A resident claimed that the storm drains have not been cleaned in 15 years. Now it is at the point where he wants it cleaned before snow falls because the water backs up into his cellar. The council member said that the borough has been actively working on getting this done.

Another resident raised concerns about crosswalks in the borough. According to the resident, the crosswalks are not striped. Members of the council said that the walks are legal and do not need to be striped. Officials said that there are signs identifying the location of the crosswalk and that vehicles are required to yield to pedestrians.

The resident wanted the signs to be bigger because he had experiences where vehicles would not stop. Members of the council said that the signs can not be too big and what they have up is sufficient.

In the mayor’s report, the police department is beginning to have mechanical problems with one of its vehicles. The police department is asking for another vehicle and that its usage could be changed to help reduce mileage on the vehicle. Police could switch which vehicle is used so less miles could accumulate on each.

Instead, the council identified locations where police could sit rather than drive while on patrol. Council members reported there are more frequent occurrences where people are not stopping at stop signs and exceeding speed limits. Police said they would keep an eye out.

The police department has applied for a $10,000 COVID grant, which could be used to cover a police officer’s overtime and a body camera on a suit. Increased funding for help in the department is desired as well.

The next borough council meeting is scheduled for Oct. 5 at 6 p.m.