WESTFIELD — The Westfield borough council is considering renovations to the sewer plant.

Council reviewed the renovations and a house that isn’t technically condemned during the meeting on Tuesday Sept. 8.

Shawn Doney from Larson Design Group outlined plans for the sewer renovation project. The renovations have been a recurring topic at the monthly meetings for the last year. Doney said, after a recent Develop Tioga review, Larson Design has prioritized three items for the rehabilitation project. The prioritization will enable construction to begin on the most necessary aspects of the project first.

Recently, Penelec moved an electrical line and pole near the construction site. With the removal of the pole, Lobar has been able to resume construction. Doney said that he met with solicitor Chris Lantz, and they are planning to meet with Lobar to discuss the project schedule and any delays or extensions to the project.

Dennis Landry, head of the utilities committee, said he would like to attend the meetings.

Following the discussion of sewer plant renovations, the council discussed plans for Halloween. At this time, no decision has been made. Gail Bollinger attended a COVID Task Force meeting, and reported that the task force was awaiting recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control.

Later in the meeting, Shawna Vahey said a house in the borough is a potential danger to other residents. The council said that the building, which has not officially been condemned, could be a hazard to the community if it collapsed while anyone is nearby.

Vahey said there are potential financial ramifications of demolition. The borough’s inspector could deem the house unsafe and authorize its demolition, but that could cost thousands of dollars. Vahey has contacted state Rep. Clint Owlett’s office for additional information.

During the meeting, Roger McCullen announced that the 2020 street work project was complete. The Stone Quarry Road work came in $6,458 over budget, due to ruts and no base repair scheduled, but in another street project the borough was under budget by roughly $5,000.

Ed Rodermel made a motion which was approved by the council to rescind the GPS unit motion from last month’s meeting. Rodermel said the council should instead look into a phone that on duty officers would carry while on duty. The motion was approved 5-2.

The next borough council meeting is scheduled for Oct. 13.