Saturday July 28 at Lock Haven University the Wellsboro Swim Team completed in their final meet of the season. With 120 local swimmers, the Wellsboro Swim Team has a dedicated batch of young talent that has performed well this season. An influx of new swimmers has given the program energy for the future. 

Coach Paul Kurtz remarked “One of the most exciting aspects of this season has been having a complete 5-year-old swimmer team competing in the the 100 yard relay.” 

The young swimmers are encouraged by support from the stands as well as older swimmers still competing with the team. This year’s team includes three seniors competing in their last season: Connor Brought, Haley Twarkusky and Noah Smith. The program accepts athletes from 5-18 years old and is always ready to accept new swimmers. 

Part of the team’s success depends on the support from family and friends, as Kurtz stated, “Swimming is not a spectator sport.” Much involvement by parents and fans is required for these events to occur. Events like the championship meet held in Lock Haven wouldn’t be possible without their assistance. From keeping time to helping with concession to cheering on the swimmers everyone plays a vital role in the success of this team. 

The time and energy athletes and their families put in to making these events gives the young swimmers the ability to continuously challenge themselves. No matter how fast the other teams may be there is always the competition with oneself that allows these athletes to grow. 

That opportunity to create these individual challenges is a major motivation for parents and staff. “Having the chance to see their children climb out of the pool with an smile on their face, asking if they beat their time, that’s why we are here,” said Kurtz. 

Standouts from the Lock Haven championship event include Cathryn Brought who won the girls 15-18 200 yard free with a time of 2:06.44 and 50 yard free with a time of 25.68. Brennan Warner won the boys 15-18 50 yard free in 24:61. Hayne Webster cometed in the boys 13-14 500 yard free andwon in 6:47.06 

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