Tyler Ruef singing

Tyler Ruef points to the crowd while singing a song.

MANSFIELD — Local residents came out Saturday afternoon for a Tyler Ruef concert.

Tyler Ruef, a singer, songwriter and guitar player, was born and raised in Galeton. He is 28 years old and has played for around 12 years but has been performing for 10. Ruef said he usually plays around the Bradford area, but he hopes to come more often to Wellsboro and Mansfield.

“I’ve been playing for about 12 years, but I’ve grown up around music. My dad played in a band and I’m actually the fifth generation of musicians in my family, so I’ve always been around music and always played music. It is a lot of fun,” Ruef said.

Playing guitar and singing started as a hobby for Ruef, but it turned into a mostly full-time position for this fall season. He said he has been playing almost every weekend. Ruef has two songs released at the moment, but he is working on another song to hopefully release in late winter.

Ruef’s two releases are “Tree and Barbwire” and “Whiskey Talkin.’” Since Memorial Day this year, “Whiskey Talkin’” has played over the radio and has shown to be more popular.

“It is really neat hearing yourself on the radio,” said Ruef.

Ruef said that he is happy about this accomplishment. He likes the reaction that comes from local people and he feels rewarded hearing himself and seeing others enjoy his music. He loves to play and to get people around to enjoy music.

For people who want to be musicians, Ruef advises putting in a lot of time. He shared his process on writing and how it takes a while to complete a project. He has a pile of song ideas on his phone and from there, he sits down and plays his guitar until something comes to him.

This past weekend, Ruef performed in the Partners in Progress parking lot for people in Mansfield on Saturday, Oct. 17. The Mansfield Lions Club helped organize the event.

People spread out in the parking lot and some sat in lawn chairs while others sat on the grass or stood. Everyone applauded and some sang along.

“I’d like to thank everybody that’s listening to my songs on the radio and bought my songs. Ever since I released songs, there has been more of a pick-up from what I had before. And I just want to thank everybody for that. I’m just having fun, so it’s really cool to see people that actually enjoy it,” Ruef said.

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