Mary Wise

Mary Wise, president of the art club, has her ornaments she sells from her rented spot at 5 East Ave., Wellsboro. She has been making the bulbs for many years. The 2020 ornaments are made of glass and feature Maple Woods, a Victorian house located at 59 Waln Street.

The Wellsboro Art Club set up a virtual art show for the community that is open from Oct. 18 through Oct. 31. People can go online to the WAC 2020 Virtual Art Show Facebook page to look at members’ art and to bid on the items available.

Mary Wise, art club president, worked with Colleen Krise, a member of the Art Club, to develop the club’s online presence. Due to COVID-19, the group cannot gather at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center in Wellsboro as usual for the yearly show.

Wise said while visitors may be fewer than an in-person show, she is happy they went through the process.

“A lot of people, when they see artwork, they want to touch it. They want to get up real close, so it is hard,” said Wise.

Krise said that money from this event is part of a “chair-ity” auction. The name became a part of the event because they sell refurbished chairs that the art members have decorated, along with other items.

There is information included for every photograph that is posted. Buyers can bid in the comment section of each post of an art piece.

The members meet monthly to discuss community events and enjoy each other’s company, except during the winter months. Pre-COVID, they also met every Thursday for studio time and to paint together or work on projects.

Wise said that the group does community events. They have had a booth at Kids Day in June, had guest speakers and have painted and sent cards to the service men and women for Goodies for Our Troops. They participate in raising money for the Jane Wetherbee Memorial Scholarship.

The Jane Wetherbee Memorial Art Scholarship of $1,000 is available to a senior graduating from Wellsboro Area High School. They must be enrolled as an art major in college during the next year.

“All of our passions come from when we were children. I think we would have been those kids that were always getting the Crayola books and coloring stuff,” said Wise.

The club members practice a variety of mediums including oil painting, glass, refurbishing furniture and more.

Krise said that the club’s mission is “to promote the arts in the community and has done so since 1948. The purpose of the non-profit organization is to advance interest in the field of art and to encourage the artistic endeavors of the members.”

Along with the art club, Wise has ornaments that she sells. She paints glass Christmas bulbs, which many people collect. This year's ornament features Maple Woods, a Victorian house at 59 Waln St., Wellsboro. She sells the ornaments at 5 East Ave., Wellsboro.

To participate in the virtual art show, visit the WAC 2020 Virtual Art Show on Facebook. For questions or information, contact Krise at 814-331-5900. To purchase a Christmas bulb, call Wise at 570-772-4592.

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