Blossburg Borough

Andrew & Amy Childs Chalot to Gary P. Rodabaugh conveys lot for $134,000.

Charleston Township

Lee A. Viard to J. Bradford & Janita L. Forney conveys lot for $70,000.

Chatham Township

Diane L. & Bradley K. McCurdy to Dale Fuller conveys lot for $780,000.

Deed & Conveyance — Dale Fuller to Beam Energy LP conveys lot & mineral rights for $360,000.

Covington Township

Nancy L. Spencer by Attorney to Phillip A. & Linda K. Spencer conveys lot for $1,000.

Elkland Borough

Dennis L. & Cheryl L. Bailey et al to Andrew E. & Brittany J. Fish conveys lot for $43,300.

Gaines Township

Lyle Nichols Trust by Successor Trustees to Terry L. & Susan M. Lehman conveys lot for $54,500.

Charley E. & Sherell A. Boom to Charley E. & Sherell A. Boom; Penny Jo Moore conveys lot for $1.

Lawrenceville Borough

Secy of Housing & Urban Development to Derick D.’Haene conveys lot for $72,000.

Mansfield Borough

Thomas Jordan & Stephanie L. Foust to Trust Between National Equity, Inc. by Trustees conveys lot for $240,000.

Trust Between National Equity Inc. by Trustees to Matthew J. & Candy L. Klotz conveys lot for $240,000.

Middlebury Township

Janet M. Sherman to Ronald Leon Southard Sr. conveys lot for $1.

OGM Deed — William L. Jr. & Irene M. Appel to Thunder Ridge Investments Inc. conveys mineral rights for $313,120.35.

Morris Township

Rosellynn K. Steinhauer to David P. & Alicia R. Steinhauer conveys lot for $1.

Richmond Township

Keith R. & Ruthann I. Kling to Steven A. Jr. & Michelle Stettler conveys lot for $99,900.

Shippen Township

Buck Weekly Rod & Gun Club, Inc. to John & Shannon Weatherford conveys lot for $60,000.

Sullivan Township

Jack C. & Patricia B. Strange to Kelli J. Waller conveys lot for $1.

Kelley Family Revocable Living Trust by Trustees to Stelios G. Apsokardu II conveys lot for $75,000.

Eva M. Pfeifer to James L. Amick conveys lot for $28,000.

Ward Township

David G. Kosan to Robert W. & Danielle M. Decaro conveys lot for $60,000.

Wellsboro Borough

Khirah A. & Stephen Pinkerton to Anthony R. Dinsmore conveys lot for $102,500.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Aaron James Signore conveys lot for $85,000.

Jared A. Fryer to Travis J. Twoey conveys lot for $95,000.

Westfield Borough

OGM Deed — Craig A. & Patricia A. Damon to Harmony Investments, LLC conveys mineral rights for $34,625.

Charley E. & Sherell A. Boom to Charley E. & Sherell A. Boom; Tamron L. Perkins conveys lot for $1.

Westfield Township

Charley E. & Sherell A. Boom to Charley E. & Sherell A. Boom; Charlene J. Stiles conveys lot for $1.