Chatham Township

Churchcare Inc. tp Reginald A. & Danielle L. Fuller conveys lot for $30,000.

Deed & Conveyance — Teresa J. Block to Eternal Energy LP conveys mineral rights for $1.

Elkland Borough

Sandra Marzo to Anthony D. Marzo & Bree A. Vargeson conveys lot for $1.

Farmington Township

Joseph K. Zona to Edward J. Zona conveys lot for $1.

Hamilton Township

James Wittman to LPR Energy LLC conveys lot for $1.

Jackson Township

Ruth M. Holecek Trust by Trustee to Diane Marsh conveys lot for $1.

Knoxville Borough

Mark & Karen Copp to West Main Bros., LLC conveys lot for $20,000.

Sharon A. Stermer to Amanda Moore conveys lot for $100,000.

Lawrence Township

Roger A. & Charity L. Rose to Betty L. May conveys lot for $1.

Liberty Township

Bobby E. Cochran Estate by Co-Executor to Tanya Amp Ernest & Vincent Rod Cochran conveys lot for $1.

Middlebury Township

Christopher D. & Angelie G. Strausser to Gary H. Keeney conveys lot for $17,500.

Rutland Township

Steven A. & Donna J. Miner to Kevin D. & Brenda L. Musselman conveys lot for $50,000.

Rutland Township & Roseville Borough

OGM Deed — John Robert Schwarz Estate by Executor to Karen L. Schwarz conveys mineral rights for $1.

Wellsboro Borough

Harold D. Short & Rebekah M. Short n/k/a Rebekah M. Russell to Andrew A. & Lauren F. Allen conveys lot for $178,000.

James K. & Kelli B. Stager to 727 Land Group, LLC conveys lot for $125,000.

Westfield Borough

Joseph R. Bendick Estate by Executrix to Paul F. & Jetha L. Pitcher conveys lot for $46,000.