Blossburg Borough

Autumn D. & Logan C. Wise to Logan C. Wise conveys lot for $0.

Brookfield Township

Richard Lee Wismer to Francine M. Wismer & Richard Lee Wismer conveys lot for $1.

Charleston Township

Susan K. O’Conners to Gwendolyn O’Conner & Margaret Adams conveys lot for $1.

Albert E. & Charlene R. Bieber to Eric W. Bieber conveys lot for $58,000.

Chatham Township

Lyle A. Goossen to Samuel R. & Brittnee M. Warren conveys lot for $195,000.

Clymer Township

Paul John Lawhead & Diane Francine Lawhead Family Trust by Trustee to Louis Crippen Jr. conveys lot for $99,900.

Delmar Township

Craig A. & Pamela Musser to Mark D. & Monica Cockerham conveys lot for $285,000.

Sheriff’s Deed — Edgar R. & Sharon E. Shelmire by Sheriff of Tioga Co to JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA conveys lot for $1,473.39.

Dennis & Kay Fawcett Will to Robert D. Jr. & Linda S. Williams conveys lot for $1,855.

Donna Evelyn Lehet to Randy H. Grim & Tyler Grim conveys lot for $85,000.

Elkland Borough

Adam J. & April Karschner to Joshua D. & Pamela Mihalik conveys lot for $265,000.

US Marshalls Deed — Jeffrey F. & Susan W. Graham by US Marshall to US Dept. of Agriculture conveys lot for $1.

Gaines Township

Gail I. Justin to Nathaniel E. Sargent conveys lot for $12,900.

Deed of Consolidation — Clayton & Connie Archer to Clayton & Connie Archer conveys lot for $1.

Thomas Randall & Sylvia Jan Kennedy to FTC, LLC conveys lot for $9,030.31.

Jackson Township

Arletta L. Garrison Estate by Executor to David D. & Dawn C. Wright conveys lot for $98,000.

Donald G. McClure to Mark & McKayla Accettulla conveys lot for $110,000.

Liberty Borough

Andrew J. & Amanda J. Hamelly to Jonathan B. Mattison & Kaylin N. Jensen conveys lot for $125,000.

Middlebury Township

Carole J. Heffley & James R. Hicks Jr. to Donald E. & Shiela A. Stojek conveys lot for $129,000.

Ann A. Erney by Attorney to Edward W. Poyer & Linda K. Finch conveys lot for $140,000.

Morris Township

Lawrence & Teresa K. Slachta et al to Timothy D. & Ichiko Kreger conveys lot for $20,000.

Richmond Township

Michael T. & Ewa G. Marziano to Ewa G. Marziano Revocable Trust by Trustees conveys lot for $1.

Hudson Advisors Tioga LP to Boyd State Mansfield, LLC conveys lot for $2,950,000.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure — Randy May to Margaret A. Justin Trust conveys lot for $1.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure — Carla May to Margaret A. Justin Trust conveys lot for $1.

Rutland Township

Finance of America Mtg., LLC by Attorney to Midfirst Bank conveys lot for $10.

Shippen Township

Anna K. Heverly & George C. Heverly Revocable Living Trust to Anna K. Heverly conveys lot for $0.

James R. & Dorothy M. Kauffman to Cynthia C. & Bradley J. Baublitz conveys lot for $1.

Sullivan Township

Robert K. & Kimberly A. Kshir to Alexander C. & Sara E. Truluck conveys lot for $224,000.

Arthur & Sharon E. Kling toi Daryl W. Custred & Julie L. DeLong conveys lot for $255,000.

Tioga Township

LSF9 Master Participation Trust by Attorney to Fred W. Buck conveys lot for $45,000.

Union Township

Michael J. F. Machmer to Hunter W. Dibble conveys lot for $267,800.

Florence L. Crooks; Florence L. Druckenmiller to Erin Druckenmiller et al conveys lot for $1.

Ward Township

Sara Kay Weatherholtz to R. David Murray conveys lot for $29,000.

Landis Zummerman & Morgan Zimmerman to Dale T. Boyer conveys lot for $130,000.

Harvey L. Jr. & Gwen Smith to Doreen L. & Jack E. Wish conveys lot for $1.

James M. & Sarah H. Frederick; Sarah A. Frederick to Scott A. Reichert conveys lot for $23,500.

Charlotte M. & Kurt R. Bastion to Charlotte M. Bastion conveys lot for $10.

Wellsboro Borough

Lynda Hamilton to Dawn M. Carl conveys lot for $70,000.

Thomas B. & Linda K. Gamble to Stephanie A. Gamble & Michael T. Gamble conveys lot for $1.

Travis J. & Leigh Twoey to Leigh Twoey conveys lot for $1.

Westfield Township

Gerald L. Bliss Living Trust by Trustee to Gerald L. Bliss conveys lot for $1.

Boyd K. & Christina A. Koester to Walter G. & Annessa L. Bieser conveys lot for $1.

Richard Lee Wismer to Francine M. Wismer & Richard Lee Wismer conveys lot for $1.

Tax Claim Bureau Deeds

Leona Ludwig to Daniel C. Michaloski conveys lot, Lawrence Township, $2,854.05.

Jeffrey P. & Jada D. Campbell to O. Kenneth Shaffer conveys lot, Sullivan Township, $30,000.

Paul D. Fassano to Nathan Singer conveys lot, Shippen Township, $25,500.

Anona Blackwell to Grand View Hunt Club, Inc, conveys lot, Morris Township, $1,000.

Diane Ross & Thomas J. Ross to Christopher Citrino conveys lot, Gaines Township, $670.72.