Reese Witherspoon hails Jennifer Aniston's 'perfect' comedic timing Content Exchange

Reese Witherspoon thinks Jennifer Aniston is "one of the funniest people" she's ever met.

The Oscar-winning actress stars alongside Jennifer, 52, on 'The Morning Show', and she admits that her showbiz pal has "perfect" comedic timing.

She shared: "I have to say, when we do our fighting scenes, it's really hard not to laugh and crack up, because we have to be so mean to each other. We just love each other much.

"She's literally one of the funniest people I've ever met. Her delivery is perfect on every joke."

Reese, 45, joined forces with Jennifer to make 'The Morning Show', and she's relished the experience of working with her.

She told 'PEOPLE (The TV Show!)': "We'd been looking for a project to collaborate on for years and years, so when this came about, it was perfect."

Jennifer recently revealed that she's also loved working with her long-time friend.

The actress described Reese as a "burst of sunshine" and a lot of fun to work with.

She said: "It's always fun to fight with Reese because she's such a sweet burst of sunshine that she's, you know, not someone you wanna go scream your head off to. And I usually always end up bursting into laughter at some point. It's just too hard to be that mad with each other. But we do it."

Jennifer also revealed that she's still taking "baby steps" back into public life.

The actress won't be attending the Emmy Awards on Sunday (19.09.21), despite the 'Friends' reunion special receiving four nominations, because she's still adjusting to being back around other people following months in quarantine.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', she said: "No, I will not be going. I think Ben Winston, our producer and director, [who's] incredible, who put the whole thing together [will go].

"This is a big step for me to just be here. I'm just [taking] baby steps."

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