The following was compiled from press releases and statements on last week’s events in Washington, D.C.. Most were released the day of or immediately after Jan. 6 and have been edited for length.

Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) - “The violence happening at the U.S. Capitol is shameful, completely unacceptable, and un-American. This is not how our Republic should operate and the rioters must be fully prosecuted. My staff and I are safe and sheltered in place at a secure location. God bless our Capitol police and first responders.”

Rep. Clint Owlett (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter) - “My family and I are praying for our country and for all involved in today’s developments. Storming into the electoral voting process at the Capitol today was far from law and order. Over 100,000 people set out peacefully to visit the Capitol today out of frustration. The actions taken by some take away the message that so many wanted to communicate. These actions are wrong and unacceptable. God bless the Capitol police and our first responders.

Senator Cris Dush (R-25) - “Due to supporting law and order, I do not support yesterday’s entrance into the Capitol Building in any way. It was wrong and should not have happened. I also believe there is more to the story to be determined. No elected Republican official I’m aware of has advocated for violence. … However, my fellow citizens, let’s see what else is discovered in the course of the investigation to find out the full extent of unlawful acts that were committed yesterday.”

Donald Hoffman, Tioga County Republican Committee chair - “Like many Americans, I watched with utter horror the abysmal display as violent protesters breached barricades and stormed the Capitol of the United States of America. Never before have I been so saddened by acts of lawlessness and disrespect. Seeing someone mount the podium of the Senate chamber was enough to bring me to tears …. This is not who we are. … And we must condemn these violent actors in no uncertain terms. We spent the past summer castigating the anarchy which played out in many cities across this nation and we should do no less now at the rioting and destruction perpetrated by these people purporting to be of a right leaning cause. I am calling on all my fellow Americans to take a stand and denounce these acts. It is time for us to take a hard look at who we really are and what we hope to become as we move forward into the future.

Tioga County Democratic Committee & Tioga County Indivisible joint statement - “Shouldn’t every patriotic American be opposed to what happened in D.C.? … Patriots don’t commit treason. The people outside the Capitol were protesting and have every right to do so. Those who stormed inside were rioting. Specifically, they were attempting a coup – they were trying to violently disrupt the orderly transition of power after an election because their candidate did not win. Because they have been brainwashed by fake media sites and our elected officials into believing that the election was stolen. How did we get to a point where people can no longer differentiate between fact and fiction? This is a cult of disinformation. This insurrection was planned, publicly, on social media sites like Parler for weeks leading up to the event. A violent white supremacist insurrection was organized in broad daylight. We need to investigate how this happened so that it can’t ever happen again. Because right now, it looks like this was just a practice round, and next time they will be better organized and know what kind of response to expect. All true American patriots should demand that we not move on until justice is served and the rule of law is restored in our nation.’