The Coudersport boys basketball team defeated Northern Potter at home, leaving Northern Potter scoreless until the end of the second quarter with a final score of 57-9.

Coudersport owned the first quarter with a final score of 21-0. Derek Easton sank a three-pointer in the beginning of the first quarter. Hayden Keck had four layups and one foul shot. Dillon Keglovits had a three-point shot and three foul shots. The first quarter ended with another 3-point shot by Easton.

Going into the second quarter, Matt Daniels hit a 3-point shot for Coudersport followed by two foul shots, one by Keck and another from Daniel Frame. Then Keglovits and Kolby VanWhy both scored a layup.

In the middle of the second quarter, Northern Potter was finally able to get on the scoreboard. Anthony Benway scored NoPo’s first point of the game with a foul shot.

The second quarter ended with three layups from Keglovits, Daniels, and Christian Furmax, all for Coudersport, ending the second quarter with a score of 38-3.

The third quarter began with a three-point shot from Frame for Coudersport followed by a layup by Anderson for NoPo. Keck scored two foul shots for Coudersport followed by another layup from Anderson for NoPo. The quarter ended with two three-pointer by VanWhy, a layup and foul shot by Keglovits, and a layup from Keck all for Coudersport and a score of 55-7.

In the final quarter, Northern Potter was able to hold Coudersport for making it to the 60 point mark. Logan Chapman scored a layup for NoPo and the game concluded with a layup from Keck for Coudersport. The game ended with a final score of 57-9. Northern Potter put up a fight, but struggled getting their shots to fall.

The Coudersport boys next game is at Austin on Jan. 10 at 7:30 p.m.

The Northern Potter boys next game is home on Jan. 13 7:30 p.m. against Oswayo Valley.

Coudersport stats

Derek Easton, six points; Hayden Keck, 13 points, Daniel Frame four points; Dillon Keglovits, 16 points; Kolby Vanwhy, 11 points; Matt Daniels, five points; Christian Furmax, two points.

Northern Potter stats

Anthony Benway, one point; Carter Anderson, six points; Tre Slawson, two points.