The Oswayo Valley boys basketball team celebrated their senior night, but unfortunately took a loss against Cameron County with a final score of 31-69.

Nick Goss, Oswayo’s head coach, said, “It was a tough first half, but I was glad to see the seniors hold back their emotions and play some good basketball. The second half led to a lot of turn overs which made it tough to come back, but our first year player Mathew was able to get some playing time and scored his 2nd varsity career point.”

1st quarter: 8-15

2nd quarter: 14-30

3rd quarter: 24-53

4th quarter: 31-69

Oswayo Valley Stats:

Caiden Black: two points, two rebounds, two steals, two assists

Alex Phillips: four points, one rebound

Honor Gross: two points

Gunner Bean: 14 points, four rebounds, one block

Noah Wichert: four points, 11 rebounds, one assist

Ian Bilski: two points, two rebounds

Joe Bell: two points, one rebound

Matt Rinamon: one point

Cameron County Stats:

Dino Brown: nine points

Dylan Guisto: five points

Matt Swartz: five points

Caden Beldin: 26 points

Dalton Ball: two points

Cameron Harrier: three points

Alan Erickson: three points

Devin Fowler: two points

Jon Good: six points

Hayden Brown: eight points