Letters to the Editor

State must stop accepting federal unemployment

Gov. Tom Wolf is advocating for a higher minimum wage. Perhaps right now the problem in Pennsylvania is not the low wage. The real problem is Wolf.

The state has thousands of jobs which pay far higher than minimum wage, yet go unfilled. Just here in Coudersport, I see employers begging for workers, yet these jobs go unfilled.

Why? Because Wolf is quite happy to take benefits which pay anywhere from $700-$900 per week. Let’s be serious. Even a worker making $20/hour would be a fool to go to work.

We now have new laws to remove Wolf’s emergency powers. Let’s tell the state Senators and legislature to use them immediately.

In 2022, Wolf’s term ends. Let’s put a governor in Harrisburg who is not just a version of Andrew Cuomo. As a former New Yorker, you don’t want what New York has. It ain’t pretty.

The bottom line is all the things you won’t be able to purchase or have because it is taken in taxes.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer