Who publishes Epoch Times?

Today I found an unsolicited copy of Epoch Times in my mailbox. I had done a search on this publication once before when I saw a questionable article from them online.

I asked Google “Who publishes Epoch Times?” In a New York Times article dated Oct. 24, 2021, journalist Kevin Roose wrote “since 2016 the Falung Gong-backed newspaper has used aggressive Facebook tactics and right-wing misinformation to create an anti-China, pro-Trump media empire.”

Read the article online at http://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/24/technology/epoch-times-influence-falun-gong.html.

Look this “gift horse” in the mouth. Despite putting the Society of Professional Journalists logo on their front page, I would not trust this publication.

Ronnie Schenkein, DVM, retired