Coudersport Area Soccer Association has been around for 25 years.

COUDERSPORT — Six months ago, Carlos Barroqueiro announced he was stepping down as president of Coudersport Area Soccer Association. Last week, the association was in danger of shutting its doors, with no one volunteering to take his place.

Barroqueiro has been the president of CASA for the past six years. He has enjoyed his time with CASA and loves the association, but says between a family member with health issues and just generally feeling burnt out, he is looking for someone to take his place.

He’s not the only one stepping down. Vice president of four years, Jessica Cornelius, is also departing, as is the rest of the board, leaving five open seats. All positions needed to be filled for CASA to operate.

Barroquerio and Cornelius both posted to the CASA Facebook page earlier this week announcing the decision to temporarily close CASA due to lack of interest in serving on the board.

After their posts were made, multiple people began to comment and share. Some said they were willing to help, and others asked for more information about the board positions and time requirements. Barriqueiro decided to hold one last meeting on Monday night for anyone who was interested in filling a board seat.

According to a post on the association’s Facebook page, the following people have filled board seats:

  • President: Hank St. Amour
  • Vice president: Jeff Caber
  • Information officer: Terry Foster
  • Treasurer: Cecelia Foster
  • Secretary: Vicki Johnson
  • Registrar: Megan Taylor

CASA “is a recreational, non-profit, volunteer organization that teaches basic soccer skills to children between the ages of four and 19,” according to its Facebook page. It has been around for 25 years.

Children from all of Potter County participate in the association. Barroqueiro said they have around 250 kids sign up each year.

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