David Kabambo, a Rotarian in Tanzania, has partnered with Coudersport resident Ed McCrea, president of the nonprofit Environmental Education and Conservation Global, to provide locally-manufactured wheelchair tricycles for people with physical disabilities living near Serengeti National Park.

These tricycle wheelchairs can be pedaled by hand and are well-suited both to navigate the local terrain and to be repaired locally. Many of the recipients had not been able to leave home or to work until they were provided with this form of transportation.

Sadly, many disabled people in this part of the world are subject to trafficking. Handicapped family members are told they will be taken to other countries where they can earn money to send home. In fact, they are enslaved, forced into begging or worse by their captors and their families never see or hear from them again.

These wheelchairs provide freedom and opportunity for people with disabilities to be gainfully employed and contributing members of their families and communities. Some of the recipients can now work in Tanzania’s wildlife tourism industry.

Kabambo’s goal is to provide 100 wheelchairs to persons needing them in the area his organization serves. So far, they have provided 57 wheelchairs and have many more individuals hopefully awaiting the opportunity to become mobile and productive.

Coudersport Rotary has donated four tricycle wheelchairs so far and hopes to continue to contribute more annually. The Coudersport Rotary Club also donated tuition for one wheelchair recipient to attend a course in welding.

For more information or to make a contribution, contact Ronnie Schenkein at schenkein.ronnie.louise@gmail.com or Ed McCrea at emccrea@eecg.org.

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