Fall, that time of year which we embarked on just a short while ago, is my favorite season and sadly one that seems way too short here in Pennsylvania. It’s the time of the year when the forests around us transform into brilliant colors, mornings become cool and crisp, and the animals begin feeding heavily on mast crops in preparation for what’s to come.

It’s the one season of the year that jogs your memory and takes you back in time to your childhood, when you were in your early teens. Remember when it was shortly after your 12th birthday and you had just passed your hunter safety class. It was probably one of the most exciting times in your life as you were finally going to be able to hunt instead of just tagging along. Did I say exciting? That’s probably just putting it mildly.

But once you get a few years under your belt, you realize it’s about much more than just that. You find that it’s all about those who took the time to mentor you, and the great times you spent together afield.

For me, it was my father and older brother who took me into the outdoors during those fantastic times. It was my father who taught me about hunting deer, but it was my brother who took me bear, turkey, and small game hunting as well as trapping.

It’s because of them, my childhood mentors, that I’m still enjoying the outdoors 52 years later. I feel extremely fortunate to have already had many decades of memories and laughter and hopefully there will be many more. I guess you could say I’m a prime example of a walking, talking mentored outdoors person.

I would like to say thanks to my mentors and all those individuals out there who have taken time to mentor someone else in the outdoors. Thank you for your efforts of planning, outfitting me with gear, and taking me under your wing as well as teaching me to safely handle a firearm and to be an ethical hunter.

But most of all, thank you for the friendship, memories and successful outings for which I’ll be forever indebted to you.

David Orlowski is a writer, hunter, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast from Potter County. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.

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