Tataboline Enos, the CEO of the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, has been selected for a national cohort for leaders “at the cutting edge of rural community development.”

Enos, of Warren County, is one of 30 individuals selected from 138 nominees.

The year-long cohort, called Field Trips to the Future, seeks to infuse and strengthen the influence of future-oriented thinking with those working to ensure that rural communities and Native nations across the rural United States are healthy places where everyone belongs, lives with dignity and thrives.

Being selected for the cohort comes with a $12,000 award — half of which is given to the awardee’s organization and the other half to the winner for their professional development.

The PA Wilds Center is the lead nonprofit for the regional strategy to establish the 13-county Pa. Wilds region as an outdoor recreation destination to help diversify local economies, attract new investment, improve quality of life, inspire stewardship, and attract and retain the region’s working-age population.

Enos founded the nonprofit in 2013 after working with rural entrepreneurs for five years as the Pa. Wilds small business ombudsman. In 2014, Enos became the nonprofit’s first CEO and has built a team that is creating models for asset-based rural development that are recognized nationally.

Participants in the cohort will meet virtually once a month, completing a variety of virtual learning and collaborative exercises, such as learning about models for building a better future, peer networking focused on problem-solving and ideation, and presenting on emerging trends.

“I’m honored to be selected for this inaugural cohort,” Enos said. “I know the lessons gleaned will have long-term impacts for our programs and the communities we serve.”

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