Yes, there are plenty of activities available outdoors to partake in even though the snow sort of hindered us for a day or two. It gave you a chance to rest up momentarily from the deer hunting seasons and read a book while relaxing by the fireplace. But there’s no reason to become a couch potato when there is so much happening outdoors.

Don’t let the cold keep you cooped up inside while there’s plenty to do in the outdoors. Get out, breath in some fresh air and get a little exercise instead of being holed up, watching reruns while binge snacking, and getting short of breath when you make a snack run to the fridge.

That’s a sure sign that you’re climbing the walls with cabin fever, getting a bit antsy and the wife probably can’t stand to be around you. So break out of those winter doldrums, get outside and enjoy some outdoor activities that you can only do during the colder months, which I’ve listed here:

Fishing – You can sit on a bucket on a lake and ice fish, or, if the ice is still a little thin, you can always find open water on many streams. Anglers who know about about late season fishing enjoy the solitude of fishing with few anglers around. So if you’re really into fishing, you can fuel your addiction by making it a year-round event.

Trapping – There’s still plenty of action to be had on the trap line if you put forth the effort. December is the month when bobcat, fisher and beaver seasons open. But the seasons for fox, raccoon and coyote are also still open for those who prefer pursuing them. The latter few predators can also be trapped as well as hunted for those who may want to expand their repertoire for spending more time outdoors.

But if you’re a true hardcore outdoorsman you’ll probably be in the backwoods doing some cross country skiing and enjoying the scenery. Or maybe you’ll have on a good pair of hiking shoes, a down jacket and be carrying a nice walking stick while hiking remote forests trails. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be packing a tent and a sleeping bag to venture out and practice winter survival skills.

If one of the above doesn’t interest you, there are still loads of other things to do. There’s late-season small game hunting for squirrel, pheasants and rabbits for those who enjoying shotgunning. Crow season is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays if you’re into wing shooting. Or maybe you prefer to participate in the short one-week season for the elusive snowshoe hare. Now that’s a real trophy.

So whatever it is in the outdoors that you enjoy, now is the time to get out there and explore what Pennsylvania has to offer in the backwoods. Take it from me, I’ve been fortunate to have the PA Wilds at my fingertips for 63 years and counting, and winter is one of the most awesome times to be afield.

Since we’re talking about the outdoors, maybe my new book “Brown Hollow Adventures” would be of interest to you. It’s an early 1800s mountain man book based in the Keating Summit area of Potter/McKean counties. If interested, mail $12 which includes shipping and handling to me at David Orlowski, 24 State St., Austin, PA 16720.

David Orlowski is a writer, hunter, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast from Potter County. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.

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