Royal Rangers program available

Members of the Royal Rangers, a boys’ youth mentoring program, sponsored by the Port Allegany Alliance Church.

The Royal Rangers is a boys’ youth mentoring program, sponsored by the Port Allegany Alliance Church. The program is part of the church’s ministry and although the Alliance Church is the chartering host, it is open to any boy who wants to be a part of the program. However, all boys are encouraged to find a church and start to follow Jesus.

The group recently registered with the national organization and is now Outpost #408 of the Port Allegany Alliance Church. The goal is for the boys is to evangelize, equip and empower them to become Godlike Christian men following Jesus’s calling.

Meetings are held from 6-8 p.m. every Tuesday. The location changes depending on the season. For most of the year, an outdoor environment is used. The Royal Rangers have more than 200 acres for their use. When weather and daylight does not work for outdoor meetings, they meet at the Port Allegany Alliance Church.

The Royal Rangers program is for boys from kindergarten to 12th grade or age 18. The boys are split into one of four age groups where they will work on their advancement.

They work together to plan what event/activity to do at the meetings as well as planning campouts. To date, campouts are held about once a month with a winter campout scheduled in the future.

The group hosted fire and ambulance personnel to learn about first aid. They have also participated in are axe, knife and bow saw safety; lashing, firearm safety, fishing, swimming and tubing.

Meetings consist of the activities selected by the boys followed by a devotional or work on the Bible and end in prayer. When meeting at the church, opening and closing ceremonies are a little more formal.

This program features an open registration so boys can start at any time of the year.

Members are currently come from Port Allegany, Smethport, Coudersport, Shinglehouse and Eldred. When joining, each boy receives a Royal Ranger shirt, grade appropriate advancement book and a New Testament Bible.

There is a yearly registration fee, but supports have donated funds so the program is free to participants. The group also has backpacks and sleeping bags for boys who are unable to provide their own.

The Royal Rangers plan to visit places like the World War II Museum in Eldred, the historical society and even longer distance trips like Gettysburg.

A 30-mile, two-night backpacking trip is planned for September for the older boys on the STS trail.

Questions about the program can be directed to Matt Simpson at 814-642-2408.