Those remembering Joan Sampson are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fagg; Gerald and Clarice Kollhoff; Daniel and Paulette Nelson; Benjamin, Sheila and Joy Olney; and Steve Sampson. A gift in memory of Edna Perkins was given by Dorr “Bud” Perkins.

Sharon Downey has given in memory of Donna Thomas and Walt Sherwood. A gift in memory of Donna Thomas was given by Janice Thomas. A donation was received from Liz Cowburn in memory of Emma George.

The Ulysses Library is pleased to again offer a summer activity program to the children this year. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no programs at or in the library. The program will run from June 13 through Aug. 14.

Upon registering, the child will receive a grab bag of goodies and a calendar to keep track of activities and/or time read. Upon completing two weeks of activities and/or reading, the child should bring their calendar in for the librarian to check.

We hope this experience is rewarding for all involved and that it will help encourage children to read during the summer months. We will be awarding books and prizes throughout the program.

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