Lyman Run State Park

A photo of the playground at Lyman Run State Park.

Over one year ago, the Friends of Lyman Run began their campaign to raise money to purchase a playground for the day use area at Lyman Run State Park. Currently the Bureau of State Parks is facing $5,000,000 for infrastructure repairs and replacements. Projects such as office expansions, roof replacement for pavilions, offices, and maintenance buildings, water and sewage system maintenance and upgrades, road and sign repairs, etc. need immediate attention. Due to the basic needs for many parks, extras such as new pavilions, ADA accessible fishing and boating docks, informational waysides and playgrounds, must be funded from alternate sources.

In 2019 park management asked the Friends of Lyman Run to raise money for a playground. The Friends of Lyman Run (FOLR) is a chapter of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF) which is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. PPFF now has an account for funds specifically donated to FOLR for the playground. FOLR has already donated $10,000 from their treasury to purchase two tire swings which were not included in the playground package. Along with the swings (which are now installed and being used), FOLR also paid for the boundary and ground materials for the entire playground site.

The fundraising campaign began well before the pandemic struck and fundraising was put on hold while many businesses were closed. The original program included a “Challenge 30” category- where 30 businesses in Potter County were asked to donate $1,000 each. At this point in time, it is now the “Challenge 15”. From various individual donations and with the help of several businesses who accepted the Challenge…FOLR is close to being half way towards their goal of $30,000 for the playground set the park has chosen. The set is designed for youngsters of all ages, even tots. The design and colors were picked to fit in well with the natural environment of the park. Small children, who are too young to rent a kayak or fish or swim by themselves, will be able to play on the set with minimal supervision from their parents who will be able to sit nearby.

Playgrounds play an important part in child development. Children can use their imaginations and make the playground be whatever they want. They also have the opportunity to interact with other children and learn very basic social interaction skills. Even more important is the health benefits for children who are playing in the out of doors… more “Green time” than “Screen time.” The playground area has also been designated as a Young Lungs area, meaning no smoking is permitted.

If we can reach our goal by the end of this year, the playground can be up and running by next spring. Our thanks to all those who have already donated and a special thanks to Cameron Hafer, a youngster from Coudersport who does YouTube videos on lots of subjects and who wanted to do a project to help our fund raising effort. You can view his special video called Lyman Run State Park Fundraiser at this link:

You may make your tax deductible donation to

At the top of the page click on the Friends Groups tab, then scroll to Friends of Lyman Run. There is a special donation button for the playground. You can also mail a donation into PPFF. Make checks out to PPFF with FOLR-playground in the memo line. Mail to PPFF, 704 Lisburn Road, Suite 102, Camp Hill, Pa 17011