Nearly one in eight Potter County residents age five and older has contracted COVID-19 since the pandemic began. The statistic was reported this week on Potter County Today, the county’s news website, as according to data from the Pa. Department of Health.

As of Tuesday, there have been 1,815 total cases (1,592 confirmed and 223 probable) among Potter County residents since early 2020, with 41 deaths as a result of the virus. In the same timeframe, 4,401 negative COVID tests have been performed.

There are currently 213 active cases in Potter County with 26 new cases and two deaths reported between Oct. 15-18. UPMC Cole is reportedly treating 10 COVID patients as of Monday, with one undergoing intensive care and one on a ventilator. The hospital’s Airborne Isolation Units is also at capacity.

The county’s website points out that according to the DoH, “the number of people carrying the virus in a locale is estimated at four or more times higher than the active case count.”

Potter County remains at a “high” level of community transmission of 21.25%, according to recent maps from the Center for Disease Control. Sullivan County is the only county in the state at a “substantial” level, with all others still at high.

Of the county’s entire population, 30% (4,960 people) are fully vaccinated. According to CDC data, in the U.S. between April and September, unvaccinated people tested positive for COVID at rates 6.1 times higher than vaccinated people. Those unvaccinated were also at 13.1 times greater risk of dying from COVID as those vaccinated.

See the most recent data from the DoH at and from the CDC at

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According to the county’s website, free COVID testing is available at UPMC Cole for patients referred by a physician. Tests are also being administered at Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy by calling 1-800-635-8611 or visiting and Rite Aid Pharmacy by calling 814-274-0439.

UPMC Cole is offering the vaccine to eligible patients at its outpatient offices. To schedule an appointment for an adult, call 814-274-5460; for pediatric patients, call 814-274-9198. Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy in Coudersport administers the vaccine by appointment; call 814-274-8660. Rite Aid pharmacies book appointments by filling out a registration form at

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