Joshua Ramos poses at his high school graduation.

A murder in Potter County was one of the biggest stories for this newspaper in 2020.

In July, police arrested and charged Galeton residents Felicia K. Cary, 33, Krysten L. Crosby, 20, and Kyle M. N. Moore, 28, for the murder of Joshua Ramos, a 19-year-old male from New Jersey, and leaving his body in a wooded area in Harrison Township in April.

While the murder took place in late March, a witness didn’t come forward to the police with information for nearly three months. According to police, this person watched as Cary, Crosby and Moore repeatedly struck Ramos and humiliated him, then drove them to the woods where they left Ramos to die.

During the six-hour preliminary hearing in August, a state trooper testified that Crosby had said Ramos asked her for sex days before the murder. She said no and Ramos pushed her into a door frame, causing her to hit her head. They later had sex. Wagner said it was not a sexual assault; she went along to keep peace in the household.

This, the trooper said, was the motive for the assault prior to the murder on March 29. Crosby accused Ramos of abusing her, and Cary and Moore began assaulting him. The three defendants beat Ramos for 15-20 minutes, then in fear Ramos would report the assault, drove him to two locations before killing Ramos.

The physical evidence supports that Ramos was choked with the jumper cables, seven knife impacts to his ribs, side and head, and blunt force trauma. In the district attorney’s closing, he said though it’s unclear who did the stabbing, the evidence that supports Ramos was choked is clear.

Friends and family described Ramos as a loving and caring person, and a loyal friend. He was a basketball fan and was always smiling.

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