Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department responds to a fire on Woodlawn Avenue in Coudersport in early March 2019.

The Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department has kicked off its annual envelope drive. It thanks everyone who has donated, including:

Patricia Andrews, James and Laura Gerhart, David and Betty Bray, Link and Brigitte Green, Pamela Beaver, Loyal Order Moose Galeton, Elvin Clinton, Deborah and Bradley Keener, Stewart and Linda Sterner, Edward and Cora Thompson, Paul Phelps, Patricia and Walter Salamone, Citizens and Northern Bank ,Coolridge Potato Farms, Judith McClaskey, Linda and Roy Weidler, Robert Anderson, Eugene and Nancy Hmel, Gerald and Gretchen Songster, Donald De Lill, Kathy Goodnoe, Arlene Pepper, Stephen A. Green, Woodrow and Karen Mitman, Richard and Marie Russell, Herman Orlowski, William and Pearl Brock, Margaret Patterson, Robert and Carmella Toombs, Larrie and Sandra Pool, Lizard Creek Sportsman Assn., Alan and Anne Acker, William and Carol Dawson, Beatrice Sonnekalb, William Kerr, Doris Robinson, Edward Funkhouser, David and Diane Work, Larry and Gertrude Hall, Lucinda Heffner, Lavern and Betty Saulter, Julia and Brian McCusker, Michael and Rita Yost, Robert W. Ahn, Gary and Jaqueline Confer, Floyd and Betty Treffinger, Teresa and Thomas Kline, Florance Rossman and Nila Gerner, Willis Garman, Georgia Merrick, Margit Welk, Jack and Penny Gavitt, Jennifer Murphy, Eloise Daisley, Drusilla L. Pekarski, Gregory and Cassandra Morey, Edwin Wetzel, John Domalesky, Lucia Lajcsak, Amos and Rosanna Smucker, Evelyn Jenigen, Edward and Susan Klink, Samuel Glassmire ,Richard Hurst, John and Elizabeth Wallace, James Marzo and Mary Buchanan, Edward and Sandra Houser, Gerald Vasas and Mary Burke, R. Wayne Baumann, Calvin and Victoria Haskins, Mark and Amy Long, Carol Seeley, Bruce and Karen Robbins, June A. and Robert B. Robinson, Julia Overton-Healy and Kelly Healy, Gary and Ruth Sellers, Carl and Linda Roberts, John Hetrick, W. C. Boyd, James and Kim Mitchell, Stanley and Beulah Corbett, Patricia Knauer, Cheryl Beichner, Dennis and Karen Lynch, Mark and Jennifer Chambers, Benjamin Pevornik, Barry and Phyllis Clark, Robert B Alexander, Susan and Bradley Kise, Richard and Dorothy Carroll, Harry and Linda McDannell, Jennifer and Robert Elliott, Edward McCrea, Glenn Derstine, Carolyn Bono, Carol Spaulding, Patricia Milliron, Mary and John Fleckenstein, Scott and Lisa Black, Thomas and Jeanne Chappell, James and Alva Buckingham, Martin and Jennifer Weiss, Lana Flamish, Donald and Barbara Kirby, Glenn and Elizabeth Lamountain, Harry and Tamra Sickler, Oliver and Kathleen Fry, Michelle Burdick, Maribelle Dunn, Robert and Linda Brown, Charles and Karen Gierach, Michael and Constance Hall, Arden and Patricia Pelchy, Robert and Barbara Campbell, Ernalene Hall, Justin and Becky Krellner, Patricia Denniston, Gregory Neefe, Michael and Carol Iannetta, Nicholas and Amy Folk, Lewis and Louise Schaub, Richard and Mary Buchanan, Wayne and Pauline Walker, Thomas and Kathleen Majot, Brian Clements, Laurelwood Inn, Millersville Sportsmans Club, Jenigen’s Auto Body, Trails End Realty, Howards Inc, Wesley and Barbara Snader, Clifton Saulter and Laurie Crooks, Gwendolyn and Douglas Bretz, Joanne Gleason, Theodore and Bonnie Wilhelm, Michael and Gail Casey, Leo and Jennifer Bucheit- Saulter, Trevor and Jennifer Saulter, Robert Long, Link and Brigitte Green, Frank and Olivia Mickle, Michelle Mccutcheon, Karen Robinson, Carl and Mary Keen, Lloyd and Mary Grubb, Don Skinner, Keith Butler, Blaine and Irene Hess, Carol Cole, Sheryl and Kenneth Hoffman, Mary High, Charles and Kimberly Updegraff, Janet Brooks, Marvin Randall Roberts Or Monica Mintz, Frederick and Darlene Forsythe, Robert and Gail Faulstick, Annette Easton, James and Charlotte Neefe, Michael and Dawn Dovensky, Caroline Easton, Steven Neefe, Priscilla Geiser, Richard and Sandra Strone, Billie and Arnold Haskins, Elvin and Rose King, Paul Lilja, Jacob and Sandra Harnish, Richard and Valerie Darrin, Robert and Marilyn Wagner, Dwight D. Heist, James Johns, James and Barbara Townsend, Black Forest Conservation Assn., Gladys Wolfinger, Dawn Newton, Dale and Barbara Kellner, Yvonne Setzer and Patricia Black, Dan and Kim Kightlinger, John Leete, George and Debbie Gerner, Cheryl Bailey and Carl Long, Dawn Fink ESQ., Citizens and Northern Bank, Long Farm, Norma Nichols, Buchanan Brother Pharmacy, Erik and Christine Keglovits, Gary and Alice Buchanan, James and Wendy Mauger, Creekside Hunting Camp, William and Sandra Krouse, Stanley and Sally Drabick, Lonnie Edwards, Susan Blair, Mary Larsen, David and Kathryn Erway, Milton and JoAnne Freeman, Wennins Landscaping Service, Edward Black, Margaret Grady, Hoffman Family Farm, Vicki Ouellette, Mary Castano, Chad and Tara Clouser, Philip and Alfreda Palmatier, Stephen and Wanda Kelly, Deborah Kelley, Janet Long, Paul and Josephine Corey, Vivian Carvell, Denise Cuneo and Stacey Snyder, Harry and Shirley Sickler, Michael and Linda Knowlton, William and Amy Plumstead, John and Lori Abplanalp, James Currin, Jared White, Debra Herberger, David and Mary Matzinger, David and Lynne Brown, Ruth Clark, Donald and Carol Jackson, Linda and Robert Flyte, Douglas and Mary Jones, Joel and Nadine Shade, Robert Green, Gilles and Mary Contant, Georgia and Steven Cary, Megan and Jake Taylor, A. and L. Gambino, John and Connie Kallerson, Debbie Mahaley, James and Ada Groff, Kurt and Lisa Elliot, Burdett and Christine Erway, Marian E Baker, Stanley and Brenda Hess, Pamela and Paul Simcoe, Howard and Christine Moore, David and Sue Lush, Mark Bruzzi, Michael and Clara Head, Edward Baer III, Gary and Russina Francis, Karl and Ilene Altenhein, Barbara and William Howard, William and Debra Akerman, Gail and Joe Ayers, Thomas Shaffer, Potter County Veterinary Clinic, Gaberseck Brothers, Coudersport Mobile Home Park, Wilson Hostetter, Rocky and Sharon Jacoby, Joseph Wiltrout, Richard McMinn, Robert Burdick, Barbara Kuhns, Janet and George Mahon, Michael Larsen, Helen Snowman, T J and Bonnie Wright, Carol Schroeder, Jo and Gerald Zuber, Nicholas and Carole Troupe, Gerald and Terri Duffee, Barbara and Richard Getz, Wayne and Bonnie Hathaway, Joseph and Margaret Parr, Thomas and Judith Franke, Ronald Monroe, Robert and Nancey Weber, Jane and Arnold Haskins, Arthur and Robin Huber, Kelly and Tracy Crosby, Kim and Lynne Ruffner, Thomas and Michelle Gooch, Gary Perkins, William and Terri Caboot, Daniel and Dora Cunningham, Nina Boden, Cabin Investments, William and Sandy Parker, Laura and Kenneth Geiser, Henry Fuller, Ernest and Roberta Cunfer, Shirley Reed, Ppamela and Gary Dailey, Robert and Dennis Lloyd, Laurent Shear, Audrey Glassmire, Brent and Chad Hollinger, Geraldine Bowman, Joe and Lisa Karpinski, Earl and Kathleen Brown, James Berger, KOS, Inc, David Gregg, Lonnie and Kathleen Smith, Collinsburgh Hunting and Fishing, Douglas and Cynthia Nims, Donald and Mary Kroft, Joseph Bartek, Jack and Dolores Krone, Terry and Karla Neefe, Charles Schwartz, William and Penny Bollhorst, Connie and James Brown, Richard and Barbara Neefe, Sharlene and Larry Andrews, Columbia Carvings, Joshua and Abby Ayers, William and Brenda Bonczar, S and K Wolfinger, John Merrick, William and Sandra Culver, Alice and Frederick Furman, David and Michelle Jones, Richard and Carol Hribar, David and Jacqueline Miller, Red Rose Camp, George and Jeanne Raup, Andrea and Joseph Heller, Harold and Connie Wolfinger, Marianne Kio, and First Citizens Community Bank.

Donations can be mailed to Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department, PO Box 161, Coudersport, PA 16915. For more information, call 814-274-7012.

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