POTTER COUNTY — The 2021 county budget has been set and approved by the board of commissioners in the amount of $11,113,614.

This is a 2.4% increase from last year. The commissioners decided against raising taxes or implementing a $5/resident capita tax. The county took advantage of its reserves a little more than usual to offset this.

Chief Clerk Jessica Giebel said the budget was put together after several meetings with department heads and the board of commissioners. Each department could put in requests for things to be included in the budget; most were cognizant of the year’s situation, though, and didn’t request anything extravagant. Giebel said IT, technology and maintenance were generally things with larger price tags.

The county was able to use money from the CARES Act to recoup some expenditures from emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to cover different salaries.

Many county departments were willing to work with what they already had in place and didn’t ask for anything additional, Commissioner Nancy Grupp said, noting they weren’t sure what shape the county’s finances would be in due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the exception of the CARES Act funding, nothing new was added to the budget and no funding was cut or significantly reduced.

Grupp commended Giebel on her hard work on the budget. She said the county’s overall goal was to not increase taxes and Giebel made that a reality.

“Because of the year it was, because of the impact of the pandemic on our businesses, our goal was to make sure we did not have any type of tax increase that would further burden our tax payers,” Grupp said.

This is the second year without a tax increase at the county level.

This article has been updated.

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