Potter County Commissioners

Potter County Commissioners Barry Hayman, Paul Heimel and Nancy Grupp gather with Executive Secretary Danielle Gietler and Chief Clerk Jessica Giebel at the Feb. 27 public meeting, held bi-weekly in the Gunzberger Building conference room.

POTTER COUNTY — The Potter County Commissioners handled routine business during the Nov. 19 meeting.

The board acknowledged a resignation from Joseph Tacconelli, a part-time corrections officer at the Potter County Jail, effective Nov. 29. Tacconelli was hired Aug. 17.

The part-time corrections officer position has been a tough position to fill, Commissioners said.

“There’s been a dwindling of the core of part-time corrections officers in the pool. The jail runs 24/7 with the need for full staffing and three different shifts per day,” Commissioner Paul Heimel said. He said the Sheriff/Warden has advertised and solicited applicants for these vacancies, but hasn’t gotten a lot of responses.

Commissioner Barry Hayman said it takes a special kind of person to take on this job, as it is particularly demanding.

“What we may not provide in pay, we certainly try to provide in benefits,” Hayman said.

Tacconelli is the eighth corrections officer — full or part-time — to either resign or be terminated from the Potter County Jail since Dec. 21, 2018.

Steffanie Little was hired as a part-time security guard at the Potter County Courthouse, effective Nov. 5.

The commissioners approved the resignation of Patricia Bowman from the Potter County Hospital Authority Board, effective Nov. 6 and appointed Georgianna Leete to fill the remainder of Bowman’s term, effective Nov. 19 through Dec. 31, 2022.

A 2005 Ford Expedition from the Department of Emergency Services was put on MuniciBid; the commissioners awarded the bid to LEPC for $3,650.

A training request was approved for Austin Dickerson, full-time corrections officer, to attend basic training for corrections officers in Elizabethtown from Dec. 3-Dec. 15; the county will cover his mileage and meals. Dickerson was promoted to full-time from part-time on Dec. 9, 2019.

A training request for Kayla Berge, of Potter County Human Services, was also approved, to attend SAP training virtually. The $375 registration fee will be covered by the county.

The Revitalize Potter County Steering Committee met this month and are moving forward with several initiatives, Heimel reported. Some goals include stopping the county’s population loss, which has been happening steadily over the past decade and increasing the county’s median age.

To help, the county has partnered with the housing/redevelopment authorities, planning commission and Education Council, just to name a few, to make sure everyone is on the same page and working toward a common goal.

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