AUSTIN — The Austin Borough Council heard complaints of unleashed dogs running loose throughout the community and illegally entering homes within the Borough.

Residents are reminded that this is a violation of the municipal ordinance and could result in fines to the dog owners. Anyone wishing to file a complaint may contact the Regional Dog Warden Will Yoder at 814-722-6719.

Complaints were also aired regarding both licensed and unlicensed vehicles blocking the borough roadways along School, Foster and Turner Streets and making it impossible to plow during winter storms. This also is in violation of the municipal ordinance and will be addressed with Code Enforcement Officer Nathan Burgett. Board President Jesse Valenti will speak to the owner of the trailers on School Street which are blocking one lane of traffic. Mayor James Setzer will speak to others along Foster and Turner Streets.

Members of the Street Committee met with property owner Bucky Blaniar and reported the drainage issue will be addressed once weather breaks.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding the recent repairs to the F350. Council member Scott Hostetlar is concerned this vehicle is starting to nickel and dime the borough over the past several years and with the recent breakdown, the council was forced to hire an outside contractor for snow removal, which has been quite costly. Council member Craig Hooftallen noted he spoke with the local repairman who felt the vehicle had some minor issues but should hold plenty strong for a while yet. No further action was taken.

Due to last months notification from the Borough Solicitor Tom Tomkins, who has decided not to continue his employment with the borough, the council noted it would speak with local municipal officials to see who it could appoint as borough solicitor.

The council accepted a bid from 4 Boys Construction, in the amount of $6,000, to reconstruct the borough office to allow for in-person meetings. The council noted borough employees will be assisting to cut down on construction fees.

Valenti reported he will be reaching out to the county commissioners to set up a meeting to discuss how the county can better serve the residents of Austin Borough and possibly assist the borough with funding for the Elliott Street Bridge Project and a new vehicle.

Councilman Craig Hooftallen will also reach out to Commissioner Paul Heimel regarding the Tourism Task Force and how Austin can become involved.

The council reported an application for county aid will be submitted, in the amount of $3,200, to assist with the cost of Suite Kote.

Borough maintenance reported the garage door on the first bay at the garage has been replaced.

The wet well pump has also been replaced at the water treatment facility.

The next regular meeting of the Austin Borough Council will be held virtually at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 2. For call-in information, residents may contact the borough office.

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