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Genesee Township Water Authority will receive nearly $200,000 through the Community Development Block Grant program to replace water mains.

The project was approved by the Potter County Commissioners at their Aug. 12 meeting. Two other municipal groups applied for funding – Austin Borough for wastewater treatment plant work and Austin Ambulance to purchase a new ambulance.

“The only one that was 100% ready to go at the time of the deadline was Genesee Township,” said Jamie Shrawder, project coordinator with SEDA-COG, the firm which Potter County approved to administer its CDBG funding. “We will be working with Austin Borough to get their survey out of the way to see if they qualify next year.”

Commissioner Paul Heimel noted that Genesee presented the project for funding last year, but a project from Ulysses borough met more criteria at that time. However, it was expected the Genesee project would be ready this year.

The project was approved for $226,390 in CDBG funds, with $198,000 going straight to the township and $27,200 allocated for administrative purposes.

Shrawder said Genesee is working with Larson Design Group on a larger-scale water project, but that this specific funding would go toward replacing more than 2,000 feet of water mains.

Commissioners also adopted the financial plan, conduct policy and procurement policy for the CDBG program.

“This is just another one of those things you’re required to have in your master file for your CDBG program,” said Shrawder. “It basically just outlines how we go through the process of reviewing and approving contracts, invoices and payments through CDBG.”

To be eligible for CDBG funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, commissioners also approved the Fair Housing Resolution. Commissioner Nancy Grupp said the resolution ensures there is no discrimination in the renting, leasing, financing or selling housing or the use of land.

Also at the meeting, commissioners:

• Approved an application for 2021 Liquid Fuel Tax Funds from Hebron Township for $2,579.15.

• Appointed Ellen Russell, director of community development for Potter County, as 504 Compliance Officer and established a grievance policy pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, a national law that protects qualified individuals from discrimination based on disability.

• Readopted the integrity policy and Minority/Women’s Business Enterprise plans.

• Approved the sale of a repository property – 39 E. Main Street, Galeton – for $300 as recommended by the county tax claim bureau director Deanna Johnson, which will put the property back on the tax rolls.

• Approved the resignation of Larry Goodwin as Potter County Sheriff Deputy.

• Approved new hires of Sandra Hoffman as a full-time Sheriff’s secretary/clerk and David Shalkowski as a part-time custodian worker for Potter County Human Services.

• Recognized the resignation of Susan Valentine from the Potter County Human Services Advisory Board and reappointed Sherry Harmon to the board.

• Approved training requests for County Auditors Pauline Kleintop, Michele Gledhill and Kathy Wagner for an Auditors Convention in State College.

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