Dr. Sarah Plants

Dr. Sarah Plants, DVM, recently joined the Potter County Veterinary Clinic.

COUDERSPORT — A new veterinarian has joined the Potter County Veterinary Clinic.

Sarah Plants grew up on a farm in Pana, Illinois, and would always follow the vet around when he came to work with their cows or horses.

“It just really interests me and I just wanted to help those animals,” Plants said. “As I got older, I started job shadowing and I started working at vet clinics and I would just follow the vets around.”

I just kind of fell in love with helping animals and the puzzle of trying to fix things and the surgery, and just the complications of it really piqued my interests,” she said.

She graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in May. Located in the Caribbean, it offers an accelerated program with three semesters each year.

The job with the Potter County Veterinary Clinic brought Plants to Coudersport; she moved here in early July and started working shortly thereafter.

“I have absolutely loved it. Dr. Lindsay (Windsor), the practice owner, is amazing. I’ve learned so much from her, she has the mentorship that I need,” she said. “All of the techs, assistants and receptionists have been so helpful.”

Plants said she loves farm animals in general, but cows have her heart.

“I worked on a dairy farm for six years. They’ve just kind of got that special little place,” she said.

Plants takes on each appointment with an open mind so she can identify things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

“If your dog is having trouble … then let me know and I will definitely focus on that. But I’m not just going to be the vet that’s like, ‘Oh, you just have an ear problem, I’m just going to focus on your ears.’ I will look at everything,” she said.

And while Coudersport is a bit different than living in the Caribbean, it’s not too different from her hometown.

“It reminds me a lot of home,” Plants said. “I feel like I’ve adapted pretty well. I’m still learning the roads and different stores.”

The Potter County Veterinary Clinic is located at 252 Route 6 West, Coudersport. For more information about the services offered, call 814-274-0857 or visit it on Facebook, www.facebook.com/PotterCVC.

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