The Oswayo Valley School District received the Teacher in the Workplace grant with the intentions of taking faculty and staff into the workforce to bring the knowledge and skills that local businesses are looking for back into the classroom.

“The days of preparing every student for college are long gone, ask the former students who are drowning in college debt and not using their degree,” Jed Hamberger, Oswayo Valley superintendent, wrote in a press release. “Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed the game on all of us and this was unrealistic for us to be pushing into other businesses with our staff members and then bringing them back into the buildings.”

As with everything this year, the district changed its plans. Thinking outside the box, it went a different direction. Hamberger has partnered with the Potter County Education Council’s Nicole Zaun. Through a few discussions an agreement was presented to the Oswayo Valley School Board to contract a videographer and have Zaun and Hamberger go out into the workforce with the videographer to develop showcase videos. These videos are meant to provide experiences interacting directly with industry leaders, business leaders and employees within our surrounding area.

The entire goal of this project is to better prepare students for in-demand, family-sustaining jobs upon graduation, many of which employers are currently struggling to fill in the Oswayo Valley School District and surrounding communities. By connecting the students and educators with local businesses, it will not only provided a practical education experience for the students, but it will also build a stronger community and economic future.

Through the implementation of career readiness standards throughout the educational spectrum from Pre-K through grade 12, these videos will be used to expose students to what careers are right here at their fingertips. They will see where jobs are available, what the responsibilities of those jobs are and what the mission and vision of each of the businesses in our area are.

“This is an amazing opportunity for students to be able to safely, access businesses and deepen their understanding of career choices even while we are in a pandemic,” the press release stated.

To see the first video, featuring Gas Field Specialists and their careers in Shinglehouse, visit OVSD’s YouTube channel or its website at

Local business looking to showcase the careers that are available should contact Jed Hamberger at Oswayo Valley School District.

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