PORT ALLEGANY — The Port Allegany Area School District board of directors heard from teachers during the public comment portion of Monday’s meeting.

Teachers from the district spoke about balancing their time and the effort it takes for both in-person and online school. The teachers explained that there is only so much time in a school day that they can help kids. A time consuming activity in the classroom is the cleaning of the classroom itself. Although it sounds like this does not take much time, teachers said they must wash their desks and sink three times a day, they must wipe them down and they sometimes do not have students to help with the cleaning. That takes away teaching and planning time.

The limited volunteers in the schools have the teachers taking more time out of their planning to have to take care of more kids than they would usually have to. The board voted on allowing volunteers back into the elementary school and it was approved.

The board discussed the number of spectators allowed at high school sporting events. The board discussed several ways in which to allow other schools to receive tickets to the games or matches. For football, only the senior parents of the opposing team would be granted one ticket so they could see their children play in a game one more time in high school before they graduate. Instead of each Port Allegany team member receiving four tickets, they would receive three, and one ticket would be allocated to the visiting seniors on the opposing team.

In volleyball, the change is to give each Port Allegany athlete three tickets and give one to the visiting senior players. These changes were voted down, 5-2.

Two dedicated and longtime secretaries of Port Allegany decided to retire, Linda Benson and Cyndi Lasher, later this year.

Two employees of Schneider Electric also attended the meeting to discuss renovations to both the elementary and high schools. The board also motioned to hire a cafeteria worker, Corine Bosworth, who will be a cook/attendant/server.

The board will meet again on Nov. 3.