Political Signs

Linda Klingaman Potter County Democratic chair (left), and Karen Cahilly, Potter County Republican chair, came together to show that Republicans and Democrats can compete for votes aggressively, while not being aggressive toward each other. This move comes after numerous reports of yard signs being stolen from both parties.

In recent weeks, Democrats and Republicans have reported an increasing number of political signs being removed from properties, or damaged and thrown aside.

Karen Cahilly, Potter County Republican Chair and Linda Klingaman, Potter County Democratic Chair, wrote in a joint-press release.

These reports have included neighborhood children, as well as adults caught on motion cameras, the release stated.

The group thought it was important to tell those in the community that it is not only illegal to do such, but also extremely disrepsectful to those in their communities.

“Even worse than being illegal, this sort of behavior mirrors the disrespect and destruction that has already infested cities across our country,” the press release stated. “This behavior is not befitting for God’s Country, where neighborliness, Constitutional values and fair competition are engraved at our core.”

“Our small towns have always been great places to live. Let’s keep them that way. Respect others and their property,” the release continued. “God Bless and prayers to everyone that 2021 proves to be a year of progress and of healing.”