The Port Allegany Serenity Glass Park was damaged and vandalized over Labor Day. Since then, the repairs have been completed and the park directors have learned who did the vandalizing.

Extensive work was done to restore the wall where humming bird images once graced the glass blocks, SGP Directors Susan Carlson and Brenda Sawyer wrote in a press release.

“We couldn’t build it back exactly the same. Two of the humming bird images were damaged beyond repair. It had to be redesigned to limit vulnerability to abuse,” the press release stated. “It is now one row not two rows high. The mortar joints are reinforced with stainless steel.”

It took a team of five people and twenty-two hours collectively to make the repairs. The team added a new design feature to the repaired wall to demonstrate the many ways the creative team can add artistic touches.

“We learned who did the damage. They will be asked to do community service in the park to compensate for the destruction they caused,” the press release stated. “People from hours away came to see the damage and to support our efforts to fix it. We are grateful for the outpouring of their well wishes for the young park and the important history that it holds for our region of Pennsylvania.”

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