A transformer fire knocked out power and causes furnace issues at Morgan AM&T, Route 6 in Eulalia Township, last Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department was assisted at the scene by tankers and crews from State 48 in Austin and Station 46 in Roulette for the call at around 10:30 a.m. Employees were evacuated from the plant.

“When the fire caused the power outage, it caused an issue with furnaces within the facility that need cooled and tended to with glycol to keep them from over heating and exploding,” Coudersport department posted on its Facebook page.

As tankers tied into the facility, Morgan AM&T maintenance got glycol flowing through the plant’s ovens, which had to reach a safe operating range of 3,1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire crews were on scene until around noon.

“Station 48 initially responded to what began as transformer fire, which led to a power failure within the facility, which then caused further issues with furnaces,” read a post on Austin Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page. “Once maintenance and plant managers confirmed furnaces were within safe operating range, all units where released.”

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