GALETON AND COUDERSPORT — Hundreds gathered for “Trump Thunder,” a 100-mile motorcycle ride and rally to support the reelection of President Donald J. Trump. The ride began at Larry’s Sport Center in Galeton and ended at Kightlinger’s Motors in Coudersport.

Several speakers were at the rally at Kightlingers: Dwayne McDavitt, president of Bikers for Trump Pennsylvania, Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump, Rep. Martin Causer, Stacy Garrity, candidate for state treasurer, Rep. Cris Dush, candidate for Pennsylvania’s 25th senatorial district, Ash Khare, delegate to the GOP National Convention, Teddy Daniels, combat vet and Northeast U.S. director for Vets for Trump, Stacy Wallace, of the McKean County Republican party, and Joseph Foust, of the Trump Campaign.

Rep. Fred Keller (PA-12) spoke to the bikers at Larry’s prior to them leaving. He shared his support and appreciation for the bikers and shared why he thinks Trump is the right candidate.

“Somebody asked me a couple weeks ago, ‘Why Donald Trump?’ and I said, ‘Because of our republic. Because of what’s at stake, our freedoms, the things we’ve enjoyed our entire life.’ And I’ll tell you what, this president has done an awesome job. He has done the job that many other people couldn’t do. He’s kept more promises than any other president we’ve had,” Keller said.

Causer said the constitution and country are “under attack at all levels.”

“There are Democrat politicians who want to take away your constitutional rights. Lets just look at one of those rights: the second amendment. Joe Biden would strip you of that right if given the opportunity. There is no way that we can allow anyone to infringe on our constitutional rights,” Causer said. He said when voting for Trump — and every republican candidate for office at all levels — it’s voting to protect constitutional rights.

Dush agreed and said it’s a team effort.

“Nobody sits on the sidelines in rural Pennsylvania this year. Nobody. We’ve got to get our people out to vote,” Dush said.

Cox traveled from South Carolina to participate in the bike ride. He said the ride was amazing and one of the most organized rides he’s been on. He also shared why bikers like Trump.

“Donald Trump, like the biker, will tell you exactly what he thinks. He wears it on his sleeve, and that was the number one thing,” Cox said. He said he stands by his word and doesn’t back down, because he’s here for the American people, not the “establishment.”

McDavitt, a corrections officer at a state prison, said one of his coworkers at the prison was killed by an inmate.

“We must back our president because he backs the blue,” McDavitt said. He also advocated for the country and schools to reopen and for the Big 10 to play football.

Wallace’s father was a state trooper.

“I remember an instance where a little boy was about to (celebrate) his birthday and the father got arrested. For that birthday party, my father made sure that boy had a gift and a birthday cake,” Wallace said. She thanked the crowd for backing the blue.Khare became a U.S. citizen in 1981.

“America is a country that stands for opportunity for common people. It is only in America that a foreign born individual like me can come and stand and talk one to one to industrious people like you,” Khare said. To keep it this way, he said everyone needed to be registered as a republican and to vote on Nov. 3.

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