Northern Potter softball had their first home game last Wednesday night where they finished the game with a 10-run lead over Smethport.

A team effort earned 17 runs for NoPo, to Smethport’s seven. Alyssa Burchel had two hits, one RBI and scored two runs. Alyssa Hoopes had one hit, two runs and an RBI. Autom Butten had one hit, one run and two RBIs. Courtney Martin had a hit and two runs. Emma Kosa ended the game with a double, two runs and two RBIs. Madison Hoopes had one hit, three runs and one RBI. Mirissa Bliss had one hit and one run, with three RBIs. Rylee Copp had one hit, two runs and two RBIs. Nevanee Davis had one hit and one run and Megan Hyde had one run.

Megan Hyde had another good night on the mound, striking out 13 batters and giving up only two walks.

During their home game against Otto-Eldred on Thursday night, NoPo lost 7-3. Hyde had an in-the-park home run. M. Hoopes had two singles and one double, A. Hoopes had a single. Burchel had two singles and two RBIs and Bliss had two singles.

Otto-Eldred’s Abby Wolfe was the winning pitcher, with six strikeouts and allowing eight hits. For Northern Potter, Hyde struck out eight and allowed seven hits in the loss.