Thank you

Thank you to the Good Samaritan that pulled my car out of the snowdrift on Greenman Hill. My truck wouldn’t pull it out and I ran out of daylight digging it out. The next morning someone had pulled it out so that I could get it back on the road and get it home.

Robert Wargo


Saddened by canceled party

Dear children,

We, the members of the Coudersport American Legion Auxiliary, want to apologize and tell you that we were sorry that we could not have our Christmas party for you in 2020. We always look forward to having cookies and other goodies, plus gifts from Santa, for all of you.

We like to make cookies and other treats. This party is one of the most enjoyable ones we do.

We also hope that Santa will be available in December 2021, and that Mrs. Claus will be there with all the ladies.

We missed all of you!

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the Elves

Thankful for help

I am so happy to be a United States citizen, being a wife and mother of eight children.

I enjoy living in Potter County, Sweden Township. There is no place I would rather be.

I am grateful to all of the people who serve us and make our lives better.

The Highway Department, that maintains our roads in all kinds of weather, does a fantastic job to keep us safe.

Our hospital, doctors, nurses and all those who work in this capacity are there when we need them.

The firemen and their equipment take care of the fires and accidents.

Ambulance drivers and EMTs are very important.

Office workers, commissioners, jail officials, courthouse employees, dentists, judges, policemen, and undertakers are all important to us.

Also, any other service that you provide for us is included with this list.

My family and I thank you with all our hearts.

Norma Cobb Nichols


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