COUDERSPORT — The Potter County Commissioners recognized the work and dedication behind bringing the Moving Wall to Coudersport during their meeting last Thursday.

“It’s been quite a project. The county has been very supportive of it, the local veterans service post has really stepped up to take care of all the responsibilities,” Commissioner Paul Heimel said.

“On behalf of the county, I just want to thank the veterans committee,” Chairman Douglas Morley. “I do believe the effort of everybody who has been involved in this should be recognized and there’s a big ‘thank you’ that should go to them.”

Watershed coalition

The Triple Divide Watershed Coalition held a meeting on Sept. 11 and Wes Eaton from Penn State gave a “very fascinating presentation,” said Heimel.

“He is heading a team of researchers who are engaged in a four-year study of agriculture and water needs in terms of water quantity and water quality. But to take on another element, they’re also going to study with the intention of having recommendations to improve the disconnect between the agriculture community and the … government agencies and the public at large.

“One of the observations in the early interviews with Potter County farmers is, some of the activities that were held to make the connection between the farming community and the public and consumers, and even public officials, have kind of gone by the wayside. There are many farmers who think these things need to be picked up and resumed.

“The important aspects of it are farmers sometimes have trouble getting water, farmers sometimes have trouble meeting the standards that are required to manage water-runoff into the streams, pollution control, and many, many other aspects of agriculture that are government regulated.”

The study will go for four years and includes three Pennsylvania counties: Potter, Tioga and Mifflin. The local contact for this study is Nicole Santagelo from Penn State Extension. Eaton, the director, will be back and is interested in having people suggest to him and the team who might be a good source to talk to for these issues.

Career center

Commissioner Susan Kefover reported on the Homeland Security curriculum at the Career and Technical Center. The commissioners approved a request for support for the Pennsylvania Wilds Planning Team. The commissioners have annually donated to this for a number of years. The request was for $1,500 for projects and programs that would benefit the community.

Mike Pepper was approved as a part-time veterans affairs director, effective Sept. 18.

Joy Glassmire has resigned from her position as the CYS director in Potter County Human Services, effective Jan. 25, 2019.

“She has had a long and dedicated career,” Commissioner Susan Kefover said.

“This will be a difficult hire and a hard part to try and get that all back together again,” Morley said. “It will be a challenge but I’m sure we’ll get through. Congratulations to her.”

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