Renovations to Pine Creek Motel and Campsites underway

Work is underway painting, decorating, and refurbishing the Pine Creek Motel and Campsites. These shine with a fresh coat of paint.

“I think the first thing I saw was that it had a lot of potential,” Chris Gaudio, the owner of Pine Creek Motel and Campsites, said. “I thought it was a beautiful location and a beautiful town and it looked like a property that needed someone to love it.”

Gaudio recently purchased the roughly seven and a half acre property, formerly known as The Ox Yoke, and began work renovating it. The closing date was July 1, 2019. Mostly, the property just needed updating, new paint, decorations, linens and mattresses, Gaudio said.

The property boasts 28 motel rooms, six cabins, 25 campsites, as well as an ice cream shop and a restaurant with a bar, all right next to Pine Creek. That was one of the aspects Gaudio really liked about the property.

“You could be right on Pine Creek. Literally you can walk right down [to the river] and you have an excellent area to spend the day,” Gaudio said.

Nestled just along Route 6 near Pine Creek, guests will have access to numerous outdoor activities, including nearby Cherry Springs and Lyman Run State Parks as well as plenty of state game land.

“The area has so many great attractions, there are a lot of nice outdoor activities that people can enjoy,” Gaudio said

There is still work to be done before Pine Creek Motel and Campsites is fully operational but Gaudio is working diligently.

“We are taking each project at a time. Right now we are working on the cabins. Then we will be working on the motel rooms. Springtime we are going to be looking at the campsites. As things are done and ready, we are going to bring them online and offer them out,” Gaudio said.

Gaudio, originally from Westchester N.Y., currently lives in Bethel, Conn. with his wife and daughters. He plans to live in the area once the restaurant opens and is also planning to move to the area full time once everything is ready.

In addition to the renovations currently underway, Gaudio hopes to one day add campfire spots near the motel. The campfires would give guests staying in the motel even more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

“Once it’s open, we are going to do everything we can to include the local community in what we are doing. We want everyone in the area to benefit,” Gaudio said.

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