With the uncertainty of the COVID situation, it’s hard to plan anything, so the trail club is kind of holding off on that for the time being.

We do have a couple of events scheduled for the season, the first being our participation at a water station for the God’s Country Marathon on Saturday, June 5. Our volunteers will be at Station #19, at the bottom of the west side of Denton Hill.

A week later on Saturday, June 12, we will hold our first meeting of the year at the Lyman Run Park pavilion. Being an outdoor picnic-style lunch and meeting, it will begin at noon and will be followed by an afternoon hike. More details will be in the spring newsletter which members should be getting after mid-April.

These were mentioned last week, but with more people being vaccinated we are becoming a little more sure of our plans. The distancing and masking protocol will still be followed, “follow the science” they tell us.

We do have the next month’s meeting scheduled for July 10 at the home of Chad Rugh and April Castano. This will also be an outdoor noon meeting at their place on Old Shovel Road near Coudersport.

The one event we are quite sure of will be our annual Camporee, held again at Ole Bull State Park, Aug. 12 through 14. We again will have six campsites reserved free for the campers, and plenty of room for tents.

This is a time not only for our August meeting on Saturday evening, but also to use Friday as a trail care day to check and clear some of the nearby sections of the STS. Most campers will arrive on Thursday, so that gives us three campfire evenings. You can’t beat that and you might even hear some new stories.

I had a little April fools played on me here at my place. This morning, April 1, I awoke to find a snow-covered landscape. There was snow on every twig on every tree, every rooftop, all the power lines.

A lot melted off during the day, but it didn’t get much above freezing, so some still remains and it is snowing again this evening. The good news is, the weather is supposed to make a change for the better next week.

We are still of the opinion that there is no safer place to be than outdoors, especially out on the trails. Distancing comes naturally and masks aren’t necessary as there is no virus out there.

But still, we encourage you to get vaccinated when your time arrives, so that we all will be safe anywhere we happen to be. We need our country, indeed our world, to be rid of this threat. Stay safe.

Bill Boyd is a member of the Susquehannock Trail Club. He can be reached at billboydsts@gmail.com.

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